Key points to consider when opening a company in Slovenia

Key points to consider when opening a company in Slovenia

If you plan on starting your business in Slovenia, it is good to know what waits for you before, during and after company registration. We have summarized the key points that you have to take into account when opening a company in Slovenia.

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Key points to consider before company registration – documents you need

The key document for company registration in Slovenia is the act of establishment. It contains all the necessary information about your company, like company name, business activities, representatives, shareholders, size of the founding capital.

To prepare it, all shareholders and representatives need to come to Slovenia and have to sign it either at the notary or at a licensed VEM point. Before that, they would also need to obtain the Slovenian tax numbers, which is one of the key points to consider before starting the process.

In addition to the tax numbers, your company would also need a business address in Slovenia. It can be an actual office or you can receive services of virtual office for this purpose. To prove that you can register your company address there, you need statement of consent from the owner of the business space.

You would also need 7.500€ founding capital to register an LTD company. Each of the shareholder provides the percentage of that amount that they will own in the company. You can deposit it either in cash or through bank transfer. That money will later be available for the company to spend on business expenses.

What to consider in the process of company registration?

When you have compiled all the documents, you would have to come to Slovenia to perform company registration. In the process of registration, you will also have to choose a company name. It has to be distinguished from other company names already registered in the Slovenian business registry.

You will also have to choose business activities that your company can perform, which is one of the key points to consider. You can choose several, but keep in mind that some of them are regulated and require licenses to perform them. Others might a subject of occupational licensing. But there are many that do not require fulfilling additional conditions, like IT and consultation services, or renting out own real estate.

During the process of company registration, you would also need to open a corporate bank account and deposit the founding capital. Banks require personal visits and filling out applications in order to open the bank account. Then you can deposit the 7500€ capital either in cash or through bank transfer.

Key points to consider after your company is officially registered

In about 3-5 business days after depositing the founding capital, the court issues a decree of company registration. At this point, you will have to activate your permanent bank account in order to start doing your business.

When your company is active, you will also have to think about who your clients or suppliers will be. If they will be legal entities from other EU member states, you would have to consider entering the VAT system with your company in order to be able to do business in Europe.

Another key point to decide on is who you plan to employ in your company. You can employ EU citizens immediately after company registration. But if you are considering employing non-EU staff or relocating yourself through business immigration, your company has to fulfill specific conditions. Also, you will have to calculate the expenses of their salary in order for it to fit your business plan.

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