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01 Salary

The gross salary is a minimum of 1.253,90€
The minimum gross salary for 2023 amounts to: 1.253,90 euros gross. Average gross annual salary for 2022: 2,023.92 euros gross. The minimum basis (from March 2023 onwards) for the calculation of social security contributions for persons in employment is EUR 1,214.35 (60% of the average annual salary of employees in the Republic of Slovenia)
Monthly ticket for public transport or €0.21 per km driven or €140 per month. The minimum snack is €4.71 per day, the maximum tax-free snack is €7.96 per day..

02 Tax relief

03 Calculation

1. Contributions from the gross wages of workers

2. Tax reliefs

3. Income tax

1. Contributions of the employer

02 Izračun

*All calculations are purely informative. Data d.o.o. does not carry any liability for possible irregularities in the calculations.
*Transportation and lunch are obligatory costs.
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