How to register a construction company in Slovenia?

How to register a construction company in Slovenia?

How to register a construction company in Slovenia?

How to register a construction company in Slovenia? A construction company in Slovenia gives excellent chances for new projects in the EU and work in Europe. The following question is why? And the answers is very simple. Because it allows them to expand their business to the European market. You can open a new company in Slovenia or expand an existing business. Our company Data gives support at all stages, from opening to doing business.

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Construction company in Slovenia

Registering a company in Slovenia is a quick and free process. So, what is next? The conditions for opening a LTD in Slovenia are the same for Slovenian citizens as for foreigners. You do not need to live in Slovenia. The minimum share capital required to start a company is 7,500 euros. How to register a construction company ? 

Construction companies also need the virtual office services. So, what is a virtual office ? The virtual office service includes receiving and sending your mail. The support is offered by our company Data. It is done by a team with many years of experience. We also offer you a short term rental of office space for a meeting with your business partners.  You have a question ? Do you know that you can have this in one place? Call us on VIber/WhatsApp +386 30 640 995  and find out what we have to offer for you!

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Conditions for construction activities

Construction company – there are usually no special conditions for this activity. But if you plan to engage in specialized construction work, then professional education is usually needed. This is because this work is a regulated activity. For example, working with electricity. However, for the final construction work, you do not need a license to do business. We offer you to consult with our  team about the conditions of construction work. How to register a construction company?

Are you also ready to also set up a company easily with us at Data? That’s why we are here. We will provide you all the answers you need. Our consultants in Data will offer you full support. You can also contact our legal and tax consultans.

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Construction company – how to work in Slovenia?

How to register a construction company? If you have a construction company in your home country, you can build and work in Slovenia. Another chance is to open a subsidiary or branch in Slovenia. The third option is to open a ltd company. And to employ workers. In this case, you can work normally in Slovenia and other EU countries. To find a worker who was not born and lives in the EU, a company must meet one of three conditions. The employer must invest in fixed assets in the amount of 50,000 euros within the first 6 months of opening. Or to have at least 1 worker who will work for at least 6 months (full time). Or in the last 6 months of each month, the income must be at least 10,000 euros .

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