Business address and virtual office of a company in Slovenia

Business address and virtual office of a company in Slovenia

Business address and virtual office of a company in Slovenia

Business address and virtual office of a company in Slovenia is a need for every company that registers in Slovenia. Do you know what do you need to register it? To register your company in the Business Register of Slovenia, it must have an address. The business address of the company must be in the territory of Slovenia. Take part and become one of these owners and open a company in Slovenia! Learn more about it in this article.

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Business address of the company and virtual office in Slovenia

DATA in Ljubljana, at a business location on Dunajska cesta 136, offers you a business address and a virtual office service. The business address service includes the use of the address of DATA for your company. The virtual office service includes daily notification of due mail, forwarding mail to your email address. Also receiving and forwarding phone and fax calls, as well as other office services.

If you are still choosing a place for your business, choose Slovenia as it will be a great fit. Become one of the owners of companies in Slovenia! We provide news on business also on our Facebook. So make sure to follow us on our social media!

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Additional advantages of the business address at DATA

  • Spacious free parking for you and your business partners;
  • Daily contact with the legal department if it is needed to initiate legal and administrative proceedings;
  • Legal representation and communication with inspectors in case of inspections related to the business address of your company;
  • We also offer short term rental of office. That is a space for meetings with business partners in modern premises in our office building.

Do you also more answers? Then, contact us! Call us on Viber/WhatsApp + 386 64 173 023  You can also write us an email Don’t wait! Start today!

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Business address and consent of the owner

Do you want to register the business address of your company at the address of residence? In this case the facility must be owned by you. If the space is not yours, then you need the consent of the owner. The statement of the owner does not have to be verified if you are the owner of the facility. Or if the owner is present at our DATA point during the registration of the company. A business address can also be registered in an apartment or house. Only if the company’s activities does not cause noise. And if the business is not required to provide a special business space.

Can the owner also remove someone from their business address in Slovenia? The short answer is yes.  According to the law, the owner  may propose to start the procedure of the deletion of the company from the business address. The owner has to submit the request to the court.

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