Transport company in Slovenia – first step: Entering the VAT system

Transport company in Slovenia – first step: Entering the VAT system

Entering the VAT system

Why is entering the VAT system usually the first step when opening a transport company in Slovenia? A transport company that wants to obtain the license for international transportation of goods has to buy/rent, lease a vehicle or take up a loan for a vehicle. Usually, transport companies decide to buy the vehicle and if they want to buy the vehicle without the 22% VAT, they have to enter into the VAT system voluntarily.

Bear in mind that you do not receive the VAT number automatically when opening a company. After company registration, you have to submit an application for a VAT number. The process of obtaining a VAT number takes 30 days from the moment the Financial Administration receives the complete documentation. In the process itself, you have to prove with written evidence that your company intends to conduct business actively. This evidence can be pro-forma invoices, advance payments, contracts, letters of intent, registration to insurance funds, etc.  The more evidence you can gather, sooner you will obtain the VAT number.

If your priority is to start conducting business as soon as possible and for that, you will need the license for international transport of goods, you can buy the vehicle and pay for it with the included 22% VAT. As soon as you receive a VAT number, you can request a refund of the VAT.

If you already have a transport company in your homeland, you can open a subsidiary. However, if you do not wish to mix the business conduct with that of the parent company or you do not have a transportation company, you can open a new company as a physical entity (private limited company – LTD).

The process of opening a company is simple and is finished within 7 days. The main part comes after the company registration – buying a vehicle, entering the VAT system and obtaining the license for international transport of goods.

How can we help you in the process of opening a transport company?

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