Investing in Slovenia

Investing in Slovenia is a smart business move for you, since Slovenian government is very keen of foreign investments. Furthermore, Slovenia attracts foreign investors with its strategic position in the heart of Europe.

Good transport infrastructure (on land, sea and air) and low income taxes for companies are just a few reasons for doing business in Slovenia, immigration to Slovenia and investing in Slovenian economy. In order to start a business in Slovenia, you can receive economic benefits. Besides that, you can count on many business opportunities within our country and in other European countries.

Possibilities for investing in Slovenia

The result of our cooperation with the Ministry of economic development and technology and the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments is full support for foreign investors. Because of that, we can offer foreigners all the information about relocating their business to Slovenia with finding suitable investments and grants. If you are interested in relocating to Slovenia, we can help you find a suitable investing possibilities. For example, you can invest in property, in equipment  …

Do you need more info on investing in Slovenia?

We can also help you find an appropriate apartment or house for living in Slovenia. With this in mind – invest in Slovenia and expand your business all around Europe!

Portfolio country

Official name The Republic of Slovenia
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
Surface area 20.273 km2
Capital Ljubljana (Population: 265.000)
Population 2.065.890 people (2018)
Official language Slovenian
National currency Euro (EUR)
GDP growth 6 % (2017)
GDP per capita € 25.555 (2018)
Government debt 78,5 % GDP (2018)
Annual inflation 1,53 % (2018)
Base interest rate 0,9 % per year (2018)
Number of enterprises 196.072 (2016)
Exports of goods € 28,222 million (2017)
Major export destinations Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Croatia
Imports of goods € 27,562 million (2017)
Unemployment rate – ILO 6,7 % (2017)
Net average wages monthly income € 1.077,73 (march 2018)
Gross wages € 1.659,27 (march 2018)
Foreigners, residents of Slovenia 114.438 (2017)
Membership in the EU Slovenia is a member of the European Union since 1 May 2004