Business in Slovenia

Doing business in Slovenia is the perfect choice once you decide to expand or relocate your business to the European Union (EU).

Slovenia is one of the safest countries in the EU. It boasts a vibrant, modern and welcoming capital city. Furthermore, is located at the junction of four large countries and between the East and the West. For doing business in Slovenia is especially important that it offers a friendly environment to foreign representatives to Slovenia, low taxation of profits and virtually untaxed property ownership.

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Frequently asked questions about business in Slovenia:

What can we do for you?

The DATA Company is specialized for all types of business in Slovenia and business migration. Our team of 45 highly skilled professionals will therefore help you with:

Our promise:

Team in DATA Company will work on your behalf to limit the costs and save your time with procedures. We will navigate you through the processes of business relocation or expansion with all-inclusive legal support. We will protect you from costly mistakes which companies often make while doing business migration without full support from local experts. Our team can guarantee you a safe and secured business migration.

Why should you start a business in Slovenia?

  • Slovenia is a member of European Union, the Schengen Area and monetary union with EURO currency.
  • The immigration process after business registration is relatively simple.
  • Slovenia has high life standard with GDP of 26.625 EUR in 2016.
  • Slovenian legal entities can buy real estate for business purposes without limitations.
  • Slovenia does not have the tax on the purchase of real estate.
  • Corporate Income Tax rate in Slovenia is 19 % and is always calculated for the previous business year.
  • Citizens and foreigners with residence permit are entitled to free education from primary schools to high schools. Universities have tuition for foreign citizen, unless they have a permanent residence permit.
  • Citizens and foreigners with residence permit have the right to access a free healthcare system; public and (semi)private.
  • You and your family members are entitled to social security measurements such as child allowances, national scholarship, subsidies for kindergarten and school meals while involved in primary, secondary and university education (up to 26-years old). In addition, new parents can enjoy up to 13 months altogether of almost fully paid (with reimbursement of salary) parental leave for every child.

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How to start a business in Slovenia?

1. Choose company form and ownership.

When you decide to open a company in Slovenia, first of all, you must decide, what type of company you want to establish. Will this be a limited liability company (LTD.) where the owners or co-owners are natural persons? Will it be a subsidiary or a branch? In addition, the EU citizens can also opt for the status registration as an entrepreneur – sole proprietor.

2. Choose a reliable partner to open a company in Slovenia.

Our DATA Company boasts with 28 years of experience with business migration to Slovenia. Furthermore, we have clients from almost every country in the world. In addition, our team of experts is specialised for company and business migration of any size. In particular, our team includes experts for business migration and personal immigration process, accounting and legal experts. They will help you with every question you might have during or after company registration in Slovenia and business migration.

3. Company name reservation.

Entrepreneurs are advised to choose their company name in Slovenia in advance. Therefore, you must choose a company name, i.e. its short name and its full name. In detail, the company name should also contain the main activity of the company. To point out names can also be in a foreign language and may contain the letters X, Y, W and Q. But, most of all, a company name must be clearly distinguishable from other names that are already registered in the Slovenian Business Register. Due to that you may reserve your company name at our SPOT Registration point – One Stop Shop even before preparing documents for registration of LTD. But, in order to make the name reservation, you would need a Slovenian tax number for at least one shareholder of the new company.

4. Provide an official company address.

Moreover, for your newly established company in Slovenia, you must decide on a business address prior to company registration. If you are not owner or co-owner of the property, you must have a certified owner’s statement. In brief, this statement allows you to have your company headquarters registered at that address. Authentication with this intention can be carried out together with at least one owner at our One Stop Shop (SPOT Registration point). Because of this, you may also choose to take advantage of our virtual office services at our company and register your new business at our address.

5. Prepare documents.

If you are a natural person

If you want to open a company in Slovenia and you are a natural person, you would need: Slovenian tax identification number, valid passport, 7.500 euros of founding capital and business address.

In the event, that you want to open a sole proprietorship, you would need: Slovenian tax identification number, valid passport, Slovenian Identity number (EMŠO) and business address. For this reason we can obtain the Slovenian tax number and Slovenian Identity number (EMŠO) on your behalf.

If shareholder is legal entity

If you want to open a company in Slovenia where the shareholder is a legal entity, as well  you would need Slovenian tax identification number for representatives and a Slovenian tax number for the parent company. Furthermore, you would need extract from the parent company’s business registry, translated to Slovene language by a court translator. Of course, you would need valid passport, 7.500 euros of founding capital and business address.

Due to your decision to open a branch of your already existing company, you will need all of the above. Accordingly, you would need an extract from the parent company’s business registry, translated to Slovene language by a court translator. As well you would need business report for the last financial year with a certified signature of company representative translated to Slovene language by a court translator. Consequently you should prepare information on the company bank account and the articles of association translated to Slovene language by a court translator. Most of these documents must also be certified in accordance with the verification of documents in international trade.

Help with the procesure at a notary

By all means, we will assist you in registering a branch and prepare everything necessary for implementing the procedure at a notary.

To point out: upon entering the EU market by registering a company in Slovenia, at DATA Company offer you comprehensive support. Thus, you can choose to register an independent company in Slovenia, a subsidiary or an affiliate company. In addition, EU citizens and citizens of third countries, living in Slovenia for more than a year, can also become sole proprietors.

6. Open a company.

Finally, we will help you to open a company at our SPOT Registration point in DATA Company. You could register at our premises a LTD., subsidiary or sole proprietorship. Furthermore, we can assist you to open a branch office at the notary.

7. Obtain work and residence permit.

After we open a company in Slovenia, EU on your behalf, in addition we manage all the bureaucracyand obtain single work and residence permit for you. Our migration consultants will also help you choose the best possible option for immigration based on business for you.

   What is included in our package (different combinations)?

  • Obtaining Slovenian tax identification number for all natural persons in the company.
  • Reservation of the company name.
  • All the necessary documentation needed to register a company, including Act of Establishment.
  • Organizing a meeting at the chosen bank.
  • Obtaining VAT number for company.
  • Give you consultation with our experts about accounting, legislation, marketing in Slovenia.
  • Offer you legal support.
  • Accountancy.
  • Virtual office with business address.
  • Registration to compulsory insurance.
  • Full assistance with obtaining work and residence permit.

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