Business in Europe

Doing business in Europe might be an opportunity of a lifetime.

Starting a business in Europe could be also an expansion opportunity you have been looking for. But before you sign your first contract with your new company with black ink on white paper, you need to go through the procedure of business formation in Slovenia, EU.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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Straightaway, we will provide for you a personal client manager who will help you with everything.

Your personal client manager will in the first place offer you full support with business consultations and legal support. Furthermore, your personal client manager will do the paperwork for you, send documents to official institutions and take care for translations.

In addition, we will offer instructions on how to prepare the documents you need to obtain from your home country. By all means, we will provide you all the necessary information about business, work and living in Slovenia. We will be your partner while doing business in Europe with full business support and consultancy!

What can we do for you?

The DATA Company is specialised for business migration to Slovenia. Our team of 45 highly skilled professionals will therefore help you with:

Why should you specifically open a company in Europe?

If you decide to open a company in Europe, you in fact get access to:

  • a single european market with 500 million consumers,
  • in addition, to a market with 21 million small and medium sized companies with free movement of goods and services.
  • as much as to a digital single market of EU.
  • As well, you can get to EU funds and financing.
  • Nevertheless, you get access to high safety standards and protection for you, your family and your company,
  • to safe and healthy future,
  • and, overall, to benefits of European social standard.

How to start business in Europe?

Our DATA Company is specialised to help foreigners with business immigration to European Union specifically through opening a new company, a subsidiary, a branch office or a sole proprietorship in Slovenia. Slovenia is an european country, tucked between Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary, a member of EU and a part of Schengen Area.

Who can start a business in Slovenia?

Generally, anyone.

More specific:

  • natural person, older than 18 years, can open a ltd. or sole proprietorship*;
  • foreign company can instead open a subsidiary or branch office.

*Only EU citizen or third-country citizen, living in Slovenia for more than a year, can become a sole proprietor.

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What do I need to start a business in Slovenia?

In fact, this depends on the form of a company you would like to register.

In the first place, if the owner of the company is a natural person or more persons, you would need:

  • Slovenian tax identification number for all the natural persons, which are involved in the company (in general partners, director);
  • valid passport,
  • 7.500 EUR for share capital,
  • business address.

If, on the other hand, the owner of the company is a foreign or Slovenian company:

  • Slovenian tax identification number not only for your parent company but also for every representative,
  • registration statement for your parent company from your country (duly certified, translated to Slovenian by court translator and cannot be older than 3 months),
  • valid passport,
  • 7.500 EUR for share capital,
  • business address.

For the purpose of sole proprietorship for EU citizens or third-country citizens, living in Slovenia, for more than a year, you would need:

  • Slovenian tax identification number,
  • valid passport,
  • Slovenian Identity number (EMŠO),
  • business address.

Where can I open a company in Slovenia?

In fact, our DATA Company is national partner for registering companies and sole proprietorships. Given that, you can open a company at our premises. In addition, our specialised european business migration consultants will help you with all the necessary documentation.

   What is included in our package (different combinations)?

  • Obtaining Slovenian tax identification number for all natural persons in the company.
  • Reservation of the company name.
  • All the necessary documentation needed to register a company, including Act of Establishment.
  • Organizing a meeting at the chosen bank.
  • Obtaining VAT number for company.
  • Give you consultation with our experts about accounting, legislation, marketing in Slovenia.
  • Offer you legal support.
  • Accountancy.
  • Virtual office with business address.
  • Registration to compulsory insurance.
  • Full assistance with obtaining work and residence permit.

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