Initial investment into a business in Slovenia

initial investment

Initial investment depends on the type of company you want to open. In case you are opening a sole proprietorship, you won’t need one. Even the process of company registration at DATA point is free! However, if you are opening a limited liability company, an initial investment is required. Same goes for opening subsidiaries. But don’t forget, you should always have a backup, when starting a business.

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What is the minimum initial investment

This question has two possible answers. To open an LTD, you will need to make an initial investment of €7,500. However, that is only if you are the only shareholder. In case an LTD has several shareholders, you can split the money. The lowest amount an individual can contribute to the initial investment is €50,oo.

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How many shareholders can open one company?

Even though the minimum amount of initial investment is €50,00, you cannot gather 150 people to pay €50,00 each. This is regulated by the Companies Act (ZGD-1). The document says that up to 50 people can register a company. However, what can you do if you want to have more shareholders? You can contact the Ministry of Economy. They might give you a special premission. If you need help deciding the investment amounts and size of shares, let our legal consultants help you. They are also specialised in immigration law. Consequently, your business immigration to Slovenia will be easier.

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Can fixed assets be used as an initial investment?

In short, yes. But it might bring some disadvantages. First of all, when your initial investment is in money, you:

  1. go to the bank
  2. open a temporary account
  3. register your company at a DATA point
  4. change the temporary account into a business account.

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Simple, right? In order to do that, your initial investment has to be in money. However, you can still use fixed assets as your founding capital. Those are for example vehicles, real estate, machines and furniture. In this case, additional charges will come. Firstly, you will have to pay a legal appraiser. This person will assess the value of your assets. It must be at least €7,500. Secondly, you won’t be able to register your company at Data. You can only do it at a notary, which means extra costs.

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