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LTD shareholders

LTD shareholders – who’s joining your business adventure?

LTD shareholders are people that own an LTD together. How many people can open a company? Can they be related? How much do they have to contribute? Do you even need additional shareholders or can you do it by yourself? If you are ready to start your business in Slovenia, you came to the right place. We will explain [...]

Different types of companies

Different types of companies you can open in Slovenia

Different types of companies you can open in Slovenia are: LTD, s.p., branch and subsidiary. In this article we will explain the differences between them. What do you need to open each? What is the process? How long does it take? If you want to start a business in Slovenia you can also ask our business consultants for help. [...]

Difference between LTD and SP

Difference between LTD and SP in Slovenia

Difference between LTD and SP in Slovenia is the first question our clients have. Limited Liability Company (LTD) and Sole Proprietorship (SP) are two most common types of company. However, which one is the right choice for you? What is the main difference between them? Find our more in this article. If you want to start business in Slovenia, [...]

Renting property

Renting property in Slovenia as a business activity

Do you plan to invest in real estate in Europe? Owning real estate is always a good investment option, especially in the current economic climate where there is more demand than there is available property. If you want to transform ownership of a property into business, you can open a company in Slovenia and purchase the property through the [...]

The cost of opening a business

The cost of opening a business in Slovenia

The cost of opening a business in Slovenia is one of the main questions our clients have. All in all, opening a business in Slovenia is cheaper than other countries. However, you have to be familiar with expenses. We prepared this article for better understanding. But you can always talk to our business consultants, if you have any concerns. [...]

documents needed for registration

Documents needed for registration of a company in Slovenia

Documents needed for registration are the first thing you have to take care of when opening a company. Do you want to open a business in Slovenia? Which documents do you need? What else is required for registration? Keep reading to find out. If you have any dilemmas, you can talk to our business consultants. Reach them on Viber, [...]

Become a business owner

Become a business owner in Slovenia – all you need to know!

Become a business owner in Slovenia in a few steps. Having your own business offers you freedom. You can also choose between diferent company types. Start a business in Slovenia with the help of Data. We offer full support to everyone, who wants to become a business owner. The first step on your journey is to call us on [...]

craft activity

Craft activity – start your business in Slovenia!

Craft activity is a business activity that may have specific requirements. Are you choosing the right one for you? You might need a permit or licence. Furthermore, we will explain what craft activities are. Where can you get the right education? What else do you need? You can ask our business consultants all of that. They are experts and [...]

get residence permits

Get residence permits in Slovenia via business migration

Foreigners can get residence permits in Slovenia on different grounds. Usually, the most common basis is employment, self-employment or work. Also, there are other reasons to migrate in Slovenia and obtain residence permits. For instance, studies or family reunification. However, what are the other ways? One of the most common way is to register your own company and employ [...]

How to get EU blue card

How to get EU blue card – open a company in Slovenia

The EU Blue Card and family reunification is very good chance if you want to live and work in Slovenia. It is the only residence and work permit based on highly qualified education. Based on the EU Blue Card, foreign nationals can be employed in highly professional jobs. And also move to and work in the EU with their [...]