Documents needed for registration of a company in Slovenia

documents needed for registration

Documents needed for registration are the first thing you have to take care of when opening a company. Do you want to open a business in Slovenia? Which documents do you need? What else is required for registration? Keep reading to find out. If you have any dilemmas, you can talk to our business consultants. Reach them on Viber, WhatsApp (+386 40 530 718) or e-mail:

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Documents needed for registration of an LTD

Have you decided to open a Limited liability company in Slovenia? Do you want to know what you need for company registration? There are some documents needed for registration that you need to provide. With others, we can help.

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For example, you will need:

  • copies of the shareholder’s passports;
  • birth dates and places of the shareholders and their permanent addresses;
  • tax certificates from your country of residence;
  • partnership  agreement, in case there are several shareholders;
  • appointment and declaration of representative;
  • business address and landlord’s permission statement – however, we can also help you with that.

Additionally, you will also have to visit the bank. There you will open a temporary bank account. To open an LTD, you need to deposit a minimal founding capital of € 7,500. At this point you will get a certificate about depositing the founding capital. This is another document you will need for registration.

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What documents needed for registration can Data provide?

As mentioned above, we can help you obtain some documents. This will make your transition much easier. We will help you obtain a Slovenian tax number. Our legal experts will help you write acts and agreements. For example Act of Establishment and Parnership agreements. In case you are not the owner of the place of your business address, don’t worry! We also have a solution for that. You can set up your business address here at Data. Choose our virtual office.

We have a great team of legal experts. They will tell you all about the documents needed for registration. How to obtain the ones you have to provide and which ones we can help you with.

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However, first thing to remember is that the process of registration is different for EU citizens and citizens from third countries. But don’t worry. Whether you come from the EU or not, you can open a business in Slovenia. Data’s experts are here to help you on your way. Book a business consultation before company registration. Find out all about the documents needed for registration.

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Opening a sole proprietorship

In a sole proprietorship you will be the only shareholder. Therefore you won’t be needing documents about shareholders. However, you will need:

  • certificate of tax residency from the country where you are a taxpayer;
  • signed power of attorney, allowing us to prepare Slovenian identification numbers (tax number and EMŠO).

Some documents needed for registration of s. p. are the same. For example the passport, permanent address, date and place of birth. Same as with LTD you will need to decide on company activities.

With the help of Data, you can recieve all other documents needed for registration of s. p. Call us on Viber or WhatsApp (+386 40 530 718) to book an appointment. For more questions, you can also send us an e-mail: Also you can contact with us through this form.

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