Statistics for companies with foreign ownership in Slovenia

Statistics for companies with foreign ownership in Slovenia

Business in Slovenia is blooming also due to foreign investment. The Statistical office of Slovenia (SURS) prepared a statistical analysis for the year 2017 where the focus was on companies in Slovenia, EU, that have foreign ownership.

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Companies with foreign ownership made over a quarter of all added value in Slovenia in 2017

In 2017, companies with foreign ownership represented 5,6% of all companies. This means that 8.018 companies in that year were of foreign ownership. They made 27,2% of all added value and employed 25,8% of all employees. The economically most important countries that have ownership in Slovenian companies are Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

106 different companies had ownership in Slovenian companies in 2017. Over 90% of them were from Europe, while over 3% were from America and Asia.

Legal entities or natural persons from Italy, Serbia, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Croatia and Germany make up the majority of those companies. Legal entities can either be branch offices or subsidiaries. The ones that created the most added value in Slovenia were of ownership from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Croatia and Italy. Together, they created over two thirds of all added value from companies with foreign ownership.

Companies owned by foreigners are very important for Slovenian economy

Companies with foreign ownership contributed to the added value of Slovenia with over a quarter of input (27,2%), which show that those companies successfully run their business. They also employed over a quarter of all Slovenian employees (25,8%). The majority of these companies were engaged in activities relating to professional services, transportation, renting real estate, IT services and hospitality. Construction and industry also played a major role when it comes to business activities of companies with foreign ownership.

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