Real estate in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small and diverse country but still offers a lot of real estate and land for sale.

If you are one of those who wish to buy a house or apartment to live in a safe country, Slovenia is the right place for you.

Foreigners have been able to buy a property in Slovenia since February 2003, on a reciprocal basis.

This means if a Slovenian citizen can buy real estate (a house, an apartment, a land, a property etc.) in a specific foreign country, a citizen of that country can also buy real estate in Slovenia if it is for sale.

Real important provision about buying real-estates is that companies established or purchased by foreigners in Slovenia have the same property rights as companies established by Slovenian citizens.

Foreigners who establish companies in Slovenia therefore can buy a house/apartment or even land in Slovenia without limitation.

But this rule does not apply for foreign individuals.

Here the permission to buy a real-estate in Slovenia varies depending on what nationality is the buyer who wants to buy a property in Slovenia:

  • Members of the EU are allowed to purchase properties under the same conditions as Slovenian citizens.
  • Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway were granted the right to purchase properties without restrictions in the European Economic Areas Agreement
  • US citizens may purchase without restrictions due to the Treaty on Trade and Navigation
  • Citizens of Switzerland may purchase real estate only if the buyers possess a valid Permit C, or permanent settlement permit.
  • EU candidate countries may submit an application to the Ministry of Justice to request permission to purchase property in Slovenia
  • Other countries may acquire property in Slovenia only if they have a business registered in Slovenia, obtains Slovenian citizenship through marriage, or obtains property through inheritance, provided the condition of reciprocity is met.

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