Legal consulting

Our legal specialists can assist you with business and legal consulting when choosing the most appropriate form for your company. But since the real business conduct in a foreign country begins with actual company registration, you will value their help even more while doing business in Slovenia in future years.

Our lawyers will help you with your business by preparing contracts in Slovene language in accordance with the Slovenian legislation and prepare other documents for you. Furthermore, they will ensure, that when you do business in Slovenia, your interests are protected. In general, they will help you while dealing with other legal entities or with the state and its institutions.

Lawyers in DATA Company are specialised in commercial law and business immigration law. Because of that, they will always have the answers to your legal questions and be able to support you with your business endeavours.

Do you need business consulting?

While you are planning to do business abroad, it is very important to turn to lawyers who are experts in the field of migration, commercial, contractual and labour law.

It is also important that these legal professionals have several years of experience in working with foreigners. Specifically, that these are professionals who studied and now work in the country where the entrepreneur would like to migrate to.

However you trust your national lawyer most, a foreign lawyer will never be able to fully understand the laws and legal system of another country, even if they learnt the language. For instance, the law of each country has a fair number of specifics, which are known only to lawyers who practice law in the country one wishes to migrate to.

What can we do for you?

We offer legal consulting about all questions which can arise while you decide to establish or expand your business to Slovenia and EU. For instance, we consult you about forms of legal entities. Furthermore, we consult you about requirements of different business activities. Further, we offer legal consulting about any questions about Commercial Law in Slovenia. In addition, we could consult you about personal data protection and other legislative demands.

Our legal advisers are experts in migration law. They keep an eye on the whole process of business and personal migration to Slovenia, EU. They assure you that the process is conducted in your best interest and in compliance with the latest legislation.

Our lawyers can prepare different contracts in accordance with Labour Law, Commercial Law, etc. Moreover, they can prepare different acts and documentation you would need for your legal entity in Slovenia.

We would not only advise you. We would help you with the procedures and prepare all the necessary documents. In addition, we will execute and oversee the results of business migration and business establishment in Slovenia for you. As well, we would help you hire employees in compliance with Slovenian legislation and conclude contracts for business partnerships. We would help you make the registration in the register of beneficial owners of companies in Slovenia and give assistance in making recovery claims from debtors. Our legal experts can help you with procedures and reviewing or preparing contracts when renting or buying a property in Slovenia.

Do you need business consulting?

What are the most important fields our lawyers can help you with?

  • Obtaining single residence and work permit

It is not difficult to find someone who is willing to help a foreigner to obtain a single work and residence permit in Slovenia. Unfortunately, foreigners are often deceived and trust people who do not have the relevant expertise. They submit incomplete applications or use forged documents in their applications for permits. This results in rejection of applications for single residence and work permit.

We recommend that you always refer to a company that has lawyers employed. Our lawyers are experts with experience in the field of migration, economic, labour and tax law. A lawyer will take responsibility for the legality of the procedure and for the advice given to a foreigner in the process of obtaining the permit. It is not superfluous to point out that a foreigner is advised to request access to the original Faculty of Law diploma!

  • Registering for insurance

There are also consequences of improper or superficially managed process of business migration in Slovenia. It could occur after a foreigner has already obtained a single work and residence permit! A foreigner has 15 days to register for the compulsory social insurance. If this is not done, the administrative unit has the right to repeal their single work and residence permit.

  • Employment and regulation of relationships with employees

A foreigner also needs legal consulting in their employment in Slovenia. Especially in employment and regulation of labour relations with their employees. Labour area is one of the most sensitive areas where adequate qualification and consistency in compliance with the rules are of particular importance.

A lawyer will be responsible for the fact that an employer complies with all its obligations under the employment relationship. A lawyer adopts the relevant internal regulations and policies, maintains organised personnel records. He could issue a decision on the assessment of annual leave. Furthermore, he could run termination procedures in a timely manner and legally execute contracts of employment.

  • Contracts with business partners

A lawyer will advise a foreign entrepreneur on when to conclude a particular type of contract. He could specify everything important in a contract and how to protect their interests as well. An entrepreneur must take due time to think about how to effectively protect themselves. In addition, entrepreneur should think in advance, how he would like to have arranged cooperation with business partners.

Only with well-composed contracts can an entrepreneur, in the event of a dispute, effectively assert their rights against their partner. The consequences of a bad contract can also be severe for an entrepreneur. They may result in major economic loss. In addition, their business partner could even steal his business idea and/or the whole business deal.

  • Buying or renting a property

Sooner or later, a foreigner who has migrated to Slovenia will met the question of renting or purchasing a property. It could be for himself and his family, as well as for their company. Here too, he will need help of a lawyer who will be able to verify whether the property they wish to buy is really free from all encumbrances. A lawyer will also draw up a contract for the lease or purchase of the property. at the same time, he will take care of the registration of property rights in the Land Register.