Business activities of a ltd company-which are most common?

Business activities of a ltd company-which are most common?

Business activities of a ltd company – which ones do you most often choose when setting up a ltd?

Business activities of a ltd company, which the entrepreneurs who are opening a LTD company choose at the time of registration, adhere to the forecasts we announced at the end of last year. You intend to establish a company and are you wonder which activities to choose? And where your business idea belongs? Did you know that there are several types of activities? We can help you with individual advice in our company. Of course, you can set up a company with us as well!

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What activities at ltd lead?

Entrepreneurs most often chose the fields of construction, information services, digital marketing and sales as their core business. Among the companies registered at the DATA point, a company with a photographic activity and a company with a publishing activity also stood out. You are wondering what activities to choose for your company? That’s why we are here. We will provide you all the answers you need.

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How you can choose the activities of a ltd company?

Activities at ltd the partner chooses from a document called the Standard Classification of Activities from 2008. The document covers 192 pages and covers activities from agriculture, food processing, to the production of various products. Also construction, wholesale and retail trade, catering, tourism, publishing, production activities. Here are also telecommunications, information services, financial services, real estate services, business services etc. As well as health and personal services, sports activities and so on. In short, all areas of human life. Upon registration of the company, you choose the core business and additional activities of the company.

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How you can determine the core business of a company?

One of the criteria for the core business of a company may be that the core business is the one that brings the most revenue to the company. You can also choose it based on the bulk of the added value you create with your chosen core business. Or you can decide that this is the activity that employs the most workers in the company.

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Can you change the company activities after you establish the company ?

Of course you can. After setting up a business, you can remove or add activities to their business. Entrepreneurship is where business conditions change daily. Also new opportunities and chances for earnings increase.

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The process of changing the activities of the ltd company

The process of changing the activity of the ltd company can be done at DATA point in Slovenia. Where the clerk prepares a clean copy of the deed of incorporation or the articles of association. Which lists all the activities of the ltd company. You sign the clean copy and the clerk sends it electronically to the registration court. Within a few days you will receive a decision on the change of activity at ltd and the change is also entered in the register of AJPES companies.

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