Conditions for company registration in Slovenia

Conditions for company registration

The conditions for company registration are defined by the Companies Act (ZGD-1). What is that? What conditions you will need to fullfill? Or what about the conditions for registering a company (s.p. or d.o.o.) at the DATA spot? Are there any special conditions? Also what documents you will need? If you have any dilemmas about starting a company, you can contact our business advisors. You are still not sure about the process? Don’t wait! Make an appointment with our consultants today!

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The conditions for company registration are defined in ZGD – 1

In the Companies Act (ZGD-1), first sentence 10a. Conditions for company registration are defined for members. Namely, a company can be founded by:

  • who has not been legally sentenced to prison for a criminal offense against the economy, against employment and social security, against legal traffic, against property, against the environment, space and natural resources,
  • person who has not been publicly published on the list of non-filers of accounts based on the law governing the tax procedure, in the last 12 months,
  • who directly or indirectly owns more than 25 percent of the company’s capital, which in the last 12 months has been publicly announced on the list of defaulters based on the law governing the tax procedure,
  • who has not been punished at least twice in the last three years by a legally binding decision of the Labor Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia or the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for a misdemeanor related to the payment of rad or a misdemeanor related to an unauthorized employment relationship.

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Business oportunities in Slovenia

Do you want to know more about Ltd companies? Do you already have a company and want to expand your business? Or you are still a fresh enterpreneur and would like to get some more information? Want to know more about business in Slovenia? To begin, Slovenia is based on free market economy. What does that mean? It’s economy orients in export. Second, there are 1200 companies that are fast growing. Also, yre you wondering about the taxes? Slovenia has one of the most favourable tax system in Europe! Would you like to know more? Is this something that you are interested in? Would you like to find out about Slovenia and living? Also to come with your family? Or you are planning just to do business?

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Open a Limited liability company

Ltd is a legal entity. It can be founded by a natural or legal person. Ltd registration requires a minimum initial capital of €7,500. When it comes to Ltd registration, owners need to determine the core activity. That is also important for the name selection! Normally, the main activity will bring the most revenue to the company. Although, you can identify other activities as well. To emphasize, you can add and delete them even after the Ltd registration is finished. Moreover, what business activities will your company perform? You also need to think about hiring an accountant, because the VAT system in Slovenia is quite complex! Find more about taxes in Slovenia here!

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What are the conditions for opening Ltd at the DATA spot?

When you decide to register the company at DATA point, in addition to the stated conditions from ZGD-1, are also:

  • future partner(s) and company representative(s) must be present in person during the company registration process.
  • bring a valid identity document to the procedure.
  • the founding capital must be paid in cash – the minimum amount is 7,500 euros.

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Why choose DATA?

We at DATA help everyone in company registration, regardless of nationality! Of course, the conditions are different. But we try to make sure that everything goes smooth and easily! Also, we have more than 33 years of experience! This year DATA experts registered more than 100 Ltd companies. Many foreign citizens have registered their company at our DATA point.

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