Profitable business ideas and activities – a long list!

Profitable business ideas and activities - a long list!

Profitable business ideas or activities – what are they?

Entrepreneurs always search for new and profitable business ideas. For instance, NerdWallet, a US financial company has made a list of profitable business ideas. On the whole, we at DATA can help you register your company! Just call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) or email us at [email protected]. We help entrepreneurs open their businesses in Slovenia for more than 30 years!

Is your idea on the list?

So, do you have any idea in mind? Do you have dilemmas? Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! It is important to know that every idea can turn in a profitable business. Do you need more information? Do you want to know about taxes in Slovenia? DATA has respectable tax advisors that can guide you through the whole registration process! Don’t hesitate! Contact us and schedule a meeting!

The most profitable business ideas – “Food truck”

You wonder what are the most profitable business ideas? In essence, the company ranks “Food trucks” as the most profitable idea. However, other activities also include car washes, car repair shops, personal coach, and newborn or post-pregnancy services. Does this help you? Do you want to open one of these? Just call us and we will be glad to assist!

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Children’s activities are also one of the most profitable business ideas

The sixth most profitable business idea is activities for children. They give examples such as music schools, gymnastic centers. Moreover, you can become a swimming teacher, a yoga teacher for children or find your own. In essence, the 10 most profitable ideas also include mobile apps for children’s entertainment, second-hand shops, help with household chores and renting accommodation. For the latter, DATA also organizes a seminar on Renter or s.p., where you can find out whether it pays more to rent out rooms as a rentier or to open sole proprietorship (s.p.).

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Do you speak more languages? Teaching languages is also very profitable!

As we list, there are plenty of profitable business ideas. And the list does not stop here. There are more! Do you want to know which activities are more on the list? They are e-learning, language courses, marketing training. Moreover, hobby training (drawing courses), accounting services and business consultancy are too on the list. Given that, do you find interest any? Perhaps, you have the qualification? Just call us! We can help you realize your idea and turn it in a profitable business!

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Which activities are on the top of most profitable business ideas?

Last but not least, these are some of the many profitable business ideas. However, there are some that are the most profitable. For instance, they include IT support, graphic design, social media manager, copywriter, online customer support. In the same way, we want to warn you that these activities are for the US market, since the Slovenian market is quite different. Either way, you can fulfill your business idea with DATA! Slovenia is a country that offers many business opportunities! Do you find this helpful? Do you have an idea? Start your business now! Our business advisors will be happy to help you! Need more information? Please contact us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)! Lastly, follow our Facebook and Instagram profiles to find more about our work!

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