LTD shareholders – who’s joining your business adventure?

LTD shareholders

LTD shareholders are people that own an LTD together. How many people can open a company? Can they be related? How much do they have to contribute? Do you even need additional shareholders or can you do it by yourself? If you are ready to start you business in Slovenia, you came to the right place. We will explain all you need to know. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us on or via Viber/WhatsApp: +386 40 530 718.

Are you thinking about opening a business in Slovenia?

One or several LTD shareholders?

You can open a limited liability company alone or with others. Firstly, you have to understand (dis)advantages of both options. If you are the only shareholder, you will have to take care of the founding capital by yourself. However, some people rather open an LTD instead of a sole proprietoship. That is because LTD shareholders are not responsible with their personal assets. Their responsibility is limited to the assets of the company. Having more shareholders is easier in case of finances. However, it can also lead to conflicts. If you need help deciding which option is best for you, ask our business consultants.

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How many shareholders can a company have?

In case of initial investments, having several LTD shareholders pays off. One can invest as little as €50. However, can a company have 150 shareholders? In this case each could contribute €50. This way they would reach €7.500, which is the minimal amount needed. However, the Companies Act (ZGD-1) says the maximum number of LTD shareholders is 50. If a company wants to have more than that, they can apply to get permission from the Ministry of Economy. Do you have any other questions about shareholder relationships? Want to know good ways to avoid conficts? You can talk to out legal consultants that are experts in business law. Call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp).

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When LTD shareholders also share a home

Do you want to establish a family owned business? LTD shareholders can be family members as well. However, the process differs, whether you are related by blood or not. To explain, it is more difficult for a married couple to open an LTD. Why? Because they have to visit a notary to do so. On the other hand, two brothers, mother and daughter or other relatives can register a company at a Data point. The main difference is that the registration process at Data is free. In case registering a company with a notary, there is an additonal fee.

If your family is ready to go on a business adventure, start by calling Data. We will help you on every step. From the business consultations before registration, to accounting services after you start operating. If your LTD shareholders are already chosen, you can contact us for more information. You can also trust us with any legal problems. Just call out Viber/WhatsApp number (+386 40 530 718) and we will find the right solution for you! Additionally you can read os on e-mail or fill out this form and we will contact you.


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