Transportation companies – tachograph installation

Transportation companies - tachograph installation

There have been some changes for transportation companies which do business in Slovenia. Those changes pertain to installation of a tachograph within the vehicles.

What is a tachograph?

A tachograph or a recorder is a monitoring device used for transportation. It records the times of transportation, breaks and rest of the drivers. You need to install tachographs in all vehicles over 3.5 tons that transport goods on roads and in all vehicles that transport more than 9 people (including the drivers), with some exceptions. It automatically and semi-automatically records, displays, prints and keeps information about the movements, including speed and periods of activity of the driver.

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Changes in the legislation for transportation companies

If you have opened a transportation company and do business in Europe, you would have to abide by the new regulation (EU regulations nr.165/2014) that instructs the rules on tachographs. With 15th June 2019, this regulation instructed the use of smart tachographs.

The instructions of this regulation have been included into the Slovene legislation within the Law on working time and compulsory rests of mobile workers and recording equipment in road transport (ZDCOPMD) .

In accordance with the act, all vechiles with first registration after 15th June 2019 must be equipped with smart tachographs. Additionally, those tachographs connect to a satellite navigation system. Also, they must be equipped with technology for remote communications in order to facilitate the implementation of targeted roadside checks.

Smart tachographs were implemented mostly with the intention of early discovery of possible modifications or misuse of the driver’s driving time. Hence, their design enables decreasing the chances of manipulation.

Additional functions of smart tachographs

The new smart tachographs for transportation companies will also have additional functions:

  • recording of the position of the vehicles in certain points of the work day. The connection to the satellite system enables to determine the vehicle’s location (GPS), which will record the vehicle’s position every 3 hours,
  • early discovery of possible modifications and misuse remotely,
  • easier transmission of data of controlling authorities with DRSC technology,
  • an interface to connect to smart traffic systems.

The new regulation also stipulates that all EU countries must equip their controlling authorities with equipment suited to deal with this kind of technology within 15 years from 15th June 2019 onwards.

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