Decision for business immigration to Slovenia – audio guide

Decision for business immigration to Slovenia

Starting a business in Europe often requires the representative of the company to also relocate to that country. Which is why the decision in which country to open the company is not only a professional one, but also a personal one. Especially if you would also move to that country with your family. In this week’s audio guide, we will be presenting Slovenia as a possible business destination. Opening a company in Slovenia can also enable business immigration for you.

Decision for business immigration to Slovenia(Alja Arko, Data d.o.o.)

If you plan on starting a business in Slovenia, EU, Data d.o.o. can offer you complete support. Our team of 40 experts will guide you through the process of company registration and business immigration. We have our very own team of legal professionals who will consult you to make your decision easier. The accountants at Data d.o.o. will make sure that your company’s books are kept in accordance to Slovenian accountancy standards. We also provide services of tax consultation and virtual office.

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Decision for business immigration to Slovenia, EU

Making the decision where to start your business is one of the most important ones you will make. In addition to the country offering a good economic climate, you also have to consider the factors that influence the living standards. In this audio guide, we will highlight the factors which make Slovenia a unique destination, both for business and for living. Being a part of the EU and Schengen zone are definitely big pluses. But its peaceful environment and natural beauties offer excellent conditions for adapting to living in a new country.

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