Lowest crime rates in Slovenia

Lowest crime rates in Slovenia

Lowest crime rates in Slovenia

Slovenia is not only one of the safest countries in the world, compared with other countries, it also has one of the lowest crime rates.

The Republic of Slovenia was listed on one of the first places in the global index of peace (Global Peace Index), which is measured based on the amount of organized internal conflict, violent protests, the level of crime, as well as external international relations of the country, military spending, and other parameters.

One of the writers on the website World Nomads, has written after a visit to Slovenia that the greatest threat in Slovenia is to look at the snow-capped Alps undergo the most beautiful mountain lake.

Statistical data of the Slovenian police, confirm that we have lowest crime rates in Slovenia. 90% of registered criminal offenses constitute of thefts.

And if you stick to simple principles that are used in all the cities of the world, you and your belongings will be safe:

  • During a walk through the city, travelling by public transport or visiting shopping centers check your handbags, wallets and other valuables
  • While swimming in the sea, do not leave valuables unattended on the shore;
  • In large cities at night do not go on the unlit streets

Fast reaction of the police

Misfortunes never rest, so tourists and foreigners in case of any accidents can call police on the phone number 113. Normally, it takes few minutes that the police arrive to the scene of the crime. In the case of actual fatalities or serious cases, together with the police comes also fire brigade. In case of theft the incident investigation begins immediately. Most of the policemen understand a foreign language, usually English.

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