Slovenia – popular target for business expansion to Europe

Slovenia - popular target for business expansion to Europe

The European market is one of the most sought-after targets for entrepreneurs. Because of economic stability and strong consumerism, many foreigners decide for starting their business in Europe. Slovenia is one of the smaller EU countries but nonetheless it is becoming a popular target for entrepreneurs who are looking to enter the European market.

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Why Slovenia?

When choosing a target market, you have to consider the advantages of a certain country. Slovenia is a member of both EU and Schengen zone. It is also located next to important central European countries like Austria, Hungary, Italy and Croatia. Even though the official language is Slovenian, the majority of Slovenians also speak a foreign language and English is predominant. The country adopted EURO as the currency, which makes trading between the majority of EU countries easier.

In addition, it also offers a stable and safe place to live for those who also target business immigration in addition to expanding the business activity.

Slovenia – popular target for business expansion to Europe through company registration

Foreigners who target in starting or expanding their business to Slovenia have several options to do so. Seasoned entrepreneurs can decide to register their branch office or subsidiary in Slovenia and target the EU market with an already existing service or product.

But those who are new to the business world, can also start a brand-new LTD company in Slovenia. It requires 7500€ share capital, Slovenian tax numbers for all shareholders and representatives and a business address in Slovenia. All company types will give you access to the EU market and Slovenia will be your hub from which you can target various clients with your product or service.

Many foreigners target Slovenia as their destination to work and live

According to the analysis of the Slovenian statistical office (SURS), there are more than 81% of economically active foreigners in Slovenia than there were 5 years ago. Within all the economically active population of Slovenia, 11% of them are foreigners. The majority come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia. But there has also been an increase with economically active people from Russia, Ukraine, China and Italy.

From the approximately 101.200 foreigners working in Slovenia, 80% were male and 20% women. The fields that they target more frequently are: construction, processing activities, transport and various business-related activities.

The number of foreigners coming to Slovenia for business or work is increasing. Even in comparison to last month, the number increased by 0,9%. In comparison to October 2018, the number increased by 15,3%, while in comparison to 5 years ago, the number increased by 81,4%.

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