Investment for business immigration to Slovenia/EU

Investment for business immigration to Slovenia/EU

Investment for business immigration to Slovenia – open a company and move to the EU!

Investment for business reasons is a good starting point if you plan to move to EU. In Slovenia, you have the option to open a company and invest in your business. This will enable you to also move to Slovenia. Do you want to learn how? Read this article.

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Investment for business immigration – how is it possible?

Slovenia offers the option to move to Slovenia based on business. You can set up a LTD with 7500€ share capital. But if non-EU citizens also want to live in Slovenia and work in your company, you need to apply for work and residence permit. But just opening a company does not mean that you can apply for work and residence permit. Your company will also have to fulfill some conditions before you can proceed.

One of the options is investment for business immigration. In the company you can invest 50.000€. You have to do it in the first 6 months from the day your company was registered. This money cannot just sit in your bank account. You will also have to spend it for your business. Here, we mean spend it on buying real estate, car, equipment. You cannot spend it on ongoing expenses, like salaries and rent. Fulfilling the investment for business gives you the option to apply for work and residence permit for yourself. But also you can bring your family and employ other non-EU staff.

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

Are there other options?

If you do not want to do investment for business immigration, you also have two other options which your company can fulfill. They both take 6 months to complete, but are less expensive.

One option is that you employ an EU citizen for full-time for 6 months. The other is that your company has revenue at least 10.000€ each month for 6 months.

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