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Documents required for opening a company in Slovenia

Documents required when opening a company Are you thinking about business migration? Which documents required for opening a company in Slovenia? Do you know what you need? Do you need help with company registration in Slovenia? Our company is specialized in providing services. We help foreign citizens who want to start or expand a business in Slovenia. Does this interests you? [...]

basic conditions

Basic conditions for starting a business in Slovenia

New entrepreneurs frequently ask what are the basic conditions to start a business in Slovenia. Whether you choose to start a limited liability company (LTD) or a sole proprietorship (s.p.), education is not one of the basic conditions to start a business. Although, education is a basic condition if you want to carry business activities as entrepreneur. Do you [...]

types of company

Types of company – which types you can open in Slovenia?

Which types of company to open? Which one is the best fit for your business? Types of company that you can open at our DATA point are sole proprietor (s.p.) and LTD (d.o.o.). We can also help you with opening branch office. But before you open business in Slovenia is good to get some information! And we in DATA can [...]

A company without

A company without employees – how to register it?

Some of you ask how to register a company without employees? Founders of companies have businesses in their own country and want to expand in other EU countries. They are employed full-time in their own companies. And they don’t want to pay contributions in two places. Are you one of them? Then you probably want to know how to [...]

Advantages to open a company in Slovenia

Advantages to open a company in Slovenia

Have you been wondering what are the advantages to open a company in Slovenia. The advantage is that Slovenia is located in central Europe next to important countries such as Austria, Italy and Hungary. Since 2004, Slovenia has been a member of the European Union. Also since 2007 it has become part of the Schengen zone. Do you want [...]

Company establishment by legal entity

Company establishment by legal entity in Slovenia/EU

Business types – Company establishment by legal entity Have you’ve been thinking about growing your business and company establishment by legal entity in Slovenia? You can register a Private Limited Company (in slovenian: d.o.o.). In other words, as a legal entity you can open a subsidairy of your mother company. Do you want to know about company registration in Slovenia? [...]

Business migration to Slovenia

Business migration to Slovenia through investment

If you want to open a new company, business migration to Slovenia through investment is a great idea! You are probably often asking yourself how to make a new move? What are the steps? Is it possible to register a company in totaly new country ? The answer is yes. Small and medium companies represent 99.8% of all companies [...]

company start

Company start-up for foreigners – how can they open one?

Company start-up for foreigners – can it be a s.p or a Ltd? Many foreigners decide for company start-up at DATA. They can open s.p. or Ltd in Slovenia. Do you know what do they mean? What they are? This article will explore the most important information! Most important, we will see the conditions a person from a EU country [...]

open an ltd

Open an Ltd – does the founding capital have to be in cash?

Are you an entrepreneur and you want to open an Ltd (limited liability company) in Slovenia? Do you know the minimum amount of the capital for company registration? What is the option if you want to invest something else than money? Do you also want to start business in Slovenia? Then call us at +386 40 530 718or send [...]

the main activity

The main activity of the company – how to choose it?

The main activity of a company in Slovenia The main activity of a company is a common dilemma of an entrepreneur preparing to open a company. The entrepreneur decides which and how many activities to enroll in when registering a company. At the time of registration, an entrepreneur can enter several activities as well as various activities. One of which [...]