Company registration date – can you choose it yourself?

Company registration date

Are you planning to open a company in Slovenia? Do you know when should be the company registration date? Can you choose it yourself? If you want to open an s.p., the date of the opening is determined by the sole proprietor himself during the registration process. How is the opening date of the company if it is an Ltd? You can not choose the date of establishment. Ltd is registered on the date of entry into the business register by the court. Only after the court has received a complete application for registration of a limited liability company (d.o.o.).

When does it make sense to register a company then? What happens if register in the middle of the month? When can you issue invoices? These are just some of the questions that future entrepreneurs have before registration. Find out the answers! DATA is here to assist you through the entire company registration process! Just call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) and we will be happy to help you!

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Company registration for a sole proprietor

To register s.p. the person needs an identity document, his tax number and a certified statement of the owner of the building for the business address. With the help of the DATA pexpert, we help you to get all the documents ready. As well as to register in the tax register (FURS) and in insurance. Also one of the first questions is ofocurse when is the opening date of the company. The first possible date of registration is the day after you completes the registration process. Or any date 30 days in the future.

Do you want to know what business activities can you register in Slovenia? Do you need help with documentation? Or you are still not sure if this is the right choice for you? If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are here for you whenever you need us! Schedule a meeting and start your company registration process today!

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Date of opening the company and payment of insurance contributions

S.p. you can register within three days from the start of the registration process at the DATA point. You have to set the company’s opening date. The decision on entry into the register is issued the day after the date of establishment. If a person sets the date of registration on the first day of the month, then the first social insurance contributions are paid the following month retroactively. If you set the registration date in the middle of the month, you also pay the next month’s contributions retroactively. The costs of social insurance contributions are calculated for as many days as the entrepreneur was in business in the month when he registered his company.

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Date of opening of the company in the case of d.o.o.

For Ltd registration you can not specify the date for company registration. However, it has an impact on how quickly the application for Ltd registration will be complete. Namely, after preparing the documentation for company registration, you must return the capital payment certificate to as soon as possible. This you will get from the bank after you will pay the capital for the Ltd. The capital payment certificate is the last document that we will submit to the court. If everything is alright with the application, the court issues a decision on the registration. The date of the decision is the date of opening of the company or Ltd registration in the business register.

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