Part-time sole proprietorship – is it an option for foreigners?

Part-time sole proprietorship

Part-time sole proprietorship is often called “afternoon s.p.” in Slovene. Our Data experts often get questions, who can open such a business. Let’s see.

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What is a part-time sole proprietorship?

Before we look at who can open one, let’s explain what a part-time sole proprietorship is. All in all it is a business, where an individual performs additional work activity. Legally, this term does not exist. You cannot find it in neither laws nor legal acts. How is this possible?

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Who can open an afternoon s.p.?

The main condition is, that the person has a full-time job. For this reason students, retired and unemployed people cannot open a part-time sole proprietorship. Are you thinking of opening a part-time or regular s.p. or an LLC? Call us on Viber or WhatsApp: +386 40 530 718. In order to talk to our experts, you can also fill out this from.

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Why is an afternoon s.p. so compelling?

We now know, who can open an afternoon s.p. But why do people love doing that? Why is it such a popular way of doing business? Mostly because of the contributions. The amount is much lower than by a regular s.p. Why is that? Because the part-time s.p. is insured from the employer. The sole proprietor only pays flat-rate contributions.

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Let’s see who can open a part-time sole proprietorship in Slovenia. What are the differences between EU citizens and third country citizens? How does the process differ?

EU citizens

The main condition for EU citizens is being that they are employed full-time. In any EU member state, 40 h/week. Their employer has to pay for the social security contributions, of course. What does a EU citizen need for registering an afternoon s.p.?

  • Slovenian tax number,
  • identification document,
  • evidence from their home country,
  • certified permission statement form the building owner (for the business address).

Now that you know what you need, you can come to our DATA point. Our experts will help you prepare the registration for AJPES and FURS. EU citizens do not have to pay flat-rate contributions for health insurance. However, having an A1 form is required. This form shows that you have arranged insurance in your country. In addition to that, your employer has to pay your social security contributions.

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Third country citizens

Firstly, who are third country citizens? Citizens from countries that are not part of EU, EEA or the Swiss Confederation. They can also register a part-time sole proprietorship at our DATA point. Under different conditions, of course. The basic condition for third-country citizens is that they have free access to the labor market. For the registration process, they need:

  • identification document,
  • Slovenian tax and EMŠO number,
  • certified permission statement form the building owner,
  • documents from their home country.

What if a foreigner doesn’t meet the above condition? No problem. You can open a limited liability company. And employ yourself in it. So, also a great way to do business in Slovenia.

Foreigners with a part-time s.p. are requred to pay flat-rate contributions. Opening an afternoon s.p. can be done in 3 days. To do so, visit our Data point. What’s more, those tyoes of businesses can also employ others.

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Part-time sole proprietorship for foreingers – visit out DATA point

Visit our Data point! We help foreigners open sole proprietorships. We can assist you with preparing documents for this purpose. In conclusion, we can help you go through the procedure. Our legal consultants can help you interpret the legislation. Any doubts? Ask our experts.

Dear foreigners! In case you are trying to establish a business, we are here! Get your appointment by calling us on Viber/WhatsApp: +386 40 530 718. Send us an e-mail:

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