Slovenian business address and virtual office of a company

Slovenian business address and virtual office of a company

The virtual office and Slovenian business address is one of the services offered by the Data d.o.o.. To be able to register the company in the Business Register of the Republic of Slovenia, it must have an address. The address of the company must be in Slovenia. Usually in the city that is most suitable for your business. Have you been wondering what else is needed, and what document you will need to provide? We have all the answers, so don’t wait and call us to find out more!

Slovenian business address and consent of an owner

You can register the address of your company at the address where you live. But however, you must own the place. If the place is not yours, you need the consent of the owner. It must be certified by a notary public or administrative unit. The statement does not have to be verified if you are the owner. Or if the owner is at our point during the registration. A Slovenian address can be registered in an apartment or a house. But only if the performance of the business does not cause noise.

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Virtual office at DATA d.o.o.

DATA d.o.o. offers you a Slovenian business address. We are in Ljubljana. At a prestigious location on Dunajska cesta 136. We can also offer you a virtual office. It includes up-to-date notification of your mail. Also, forwarding mail to your e-mail address or selected address. We will accept and forward telephone calls. Above all we offer all other administrative and office services. Most importantly, we guarantee friendly response to calls. We will forward your mails. Above all we have a professional attitude towards your partners.

There are other poluses of an address at DATA d.o.o. Daily contact with the legal department. In case we have to start legal process for instance. We have large free parking for you and your partners. We offer you a legal help and communication with inspectors in addition.

Every company registered in Slovenia must have Slovenian business address. In most cases, the address of the company is where the entrepreneur lives. It can certainly be where you perform your activity (office), for instance.

Do you need help in choosing the main activity of your company? Do you also want to know more about business in Slovenia? Contact DATA for support! Data has more than 30 years of experience. That is to say, our experts will be happy to help you. You can also sign up for free webinars on business in Slovenia.

Call us on +386 64 173 023  (Viber/WhatsApp) to find out more about business in Slovenia!

Why DATA d.o.o.?

DATA d.o.o. has 30 years of experience in ofeering assistance. We give support to foreign businessmen during the process of registering company in Slovenia. There are manny advantages of DATA . Firstly, you can get all the needed information on the business in Slovenia and EU in one place. In short. We offer complete support that includes accounting. We are experts on tax and financial services in accordance with Slovenian legislation and have the highest standards. Contact our experts at We can also provide you the Slovenian business address. Don’t wait! Call us. For all information write us on or call us on +386 64 173 023 (Viber/WhatsApp). In addition we advise you also to visit our Facebook  and Instagram. You can sign up for free webinars on business in Slovenia.

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