subsidiary in slovenia

Subsidiary in Slovenia: expand your business to EU!

Subsidiary in Slovenia: expand your business to EU! Subsidiary in Slovenia is a good option for non-EU companies to expand their business to Europe. If you already registered a LTD company in your country, you can open a subsidiary in Slovenia. This company type will give you easy access to the EU market and also make the transfer of goods [...]

Opening a company in EU

Opening a company in EU – choose Slovenia!

Opening a company in EU – choose Slovenia! Are you thinking about expanding your business in European Union? You would like to start a process of opening a company in EU?  You don’t know where to locate your new business? So, in this article, we will explain why Slovenia is ideal for expanding your business in EU. Call us on [...]

documents needed for registration

Documents needed for registration of a company in Slovenia

Documents needed for registration are the first thing you have to take care of when opening a company. Do you want to open a business in Slovenia? Which documents do you need? What else is required for registration? Keep reading to find out. If you have any dilemmas, you can talk to our business consultants. Reach them on Viber, [...]

Number of shareholders

Number of shareholders in a company

Number of shareholders in a company – how many members can there be? Number of shareholders in a Slovenian company is one of the most common questions heard by our advisors. If 50 euros is the minimum capital contribution of one shareholder and the minimum share capital for the establishment of a company is € 7,500, then we can [...]

intended company name

Intended company name – what is it and why is it useful?

Intended company name is a process that a shareholder can do before establishing a company. It helps them check, whether they can use the name of the company or not. It is good to do this before registering a company at a DATA point. Why? Because this way, the shareholder can avoid possible changes in the application. Do you [...]

Minimal founding capital

Minimal founding capital – what is the minimum input for LTDs

The minimal founding capital you need to register an LTD at our DATA point is € 7500. The capital has to be in the form of money.  What is the minimum amount of money an individual can contribute? It depends on the number of people sharing the ownership of the company. There are two different ways of establishing a [...]

minimum operating time

Minimum operating time of the business – is it defined?

Minimum operating time of the business is not defined. Entrepreneurs often ask our consultants about it. There is no law, defining a minimum operating time. In other words, you can close a business at any time. The process is easier in case of an s.p. If you have an LTD company, you have to visit a notary. By the [...]

Become a business owner

Become a business owner in Slovenia – all you need to know!

Become a business owner in Slovenia in a few steps. Having your own business offers you freedom. You can also choose between diferent company types. Start a business in Slovenia with the help of Data. We offer full support to everyone, who wants to become a business owner. The first step on your journey is to call us on [...]

craft activity

Craft activity – start your business in Slovenia!

Craft activity is a business activity that may have specific requirements. Are you choosing the right one for you? You might need a permit or licence. Furthermore, we will explain what craft activities are. Where can you get the right education? What else do you need? You can ask our business consultants all of that. They are experts and [...]

The costs of opening

The costs of opening a company in Slovenia

Do you know what are the costs of opening a company in Slovenia? Compared to other EU countries, they are not so high. However, you still have to do some planning. In this article you can read about main costs of starting a business in Slovenia. You want to know more about costs of registration of a company in Slovenia? [...]