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How to register company in Europe, Slovenia?

How to register company in Slovenia How to register company in Slovenia, EU? The procedure in Slovenia is very easy and fast. The registration procedure can be done in one day. Read more in the following article. How to register company in Slovenia – step 1 Before the registration procedure, you have to obtain certain documents. At the Financial Office of Slovenia you have to obtain Slovenian tax number for Read More

Trading electronics in the EU by opening a company in Slovenia

Trading electronics in the EU by opening a company in Slovenia Are you considering trading electronics in the EU by opening a company in Slovenia? That way you will conduct your business in the EU easier. Trading electronics in the EU – VAT identification nubmer Foreign entrepreneurs usually consider opening a company in Slovenia and obtaining a VAT identification number for the purposes of import and export of electronics to the EU. If you are Read More

Software programming with slovenian company

Software programming with company in Slovenia – start your own business Software programming is good business in Slovenia and EU for those who have the skills for developing software packages. If you want to register software programming company in Slovenia, in Data we will help you. Company registration is free of charge in Data. What type of company can you open in Slovenia as foreigner? As foreign citizen you can Read More

We share business advice on how to become a successful entrepreneur!

Business advice – important investment If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, it is very recommendable to invest in business advice. How to start your business? What about business plan? How to attract clients? Every entrepreneur should have answers to these questions before or on the beginning of his business path. Business advice – different fields Firstly, it is recommendable to have legal consultation for every entrepreneur who wants to start Read More

New LTD company in 2018 – get ready and prepare the documents now!

New LTD company in 2018 Are you thinking about starting a new LTD company in 2018? Do you want to start a business in Europe? You can already prepare all the documents for the registration and also do the registration procedure in 2017! Start the new year prepared and ready for your business! New LTD company in 2018 – what do you need for the registration? What do you need Read More

Branch office in Slovenia for foreign companies

Expand your business in Europe with branch office in Slovenia Branch office in Slovenia is great solution for foreign companies who are looking to expand business to Europe. In Data we can open branch office in Slovenia based on authorization, without you coming to process of registration. You don’t need initial capital to open branch office in Slovenia. It is also great oporttunity for obtaining different types of work and Read More

Self employment in Slovenia, Europe – opportunities

Self employment in Slovenia, Europe Are you interested in self employment in Europe? In Slovenia there are a few possibilities for foreign entrepreneurs for self employment. Keep reading the article to find out more. Self employment in Slovenia, Europe – sole proprietor Every EU citizen can become a sole proprietor in Slovenia. If you are not an EU citizen you can become a sole proprietor after one year of legal Read More

Most popular company activities in Europe, Slovenia

Company activities – how to choose the right ones? Every entrepreneur has to make a business plan, before the registration procedure. In that plan entrepreneur also has to define the company activities. But before that it is good to know which company activities you have to register in order to run your business smoothly and if you need permits or licences for any of them. Company activities – the most popular Read More

Production and food delivery as a company business activity in Slovenia

Production and food delivery Are you considering production and food delivery as business activity in Slovenia? Each year the ordering and delivery of pre-prepared meals to work and home is getting more and more popular. People are interested in healthy meals but sometimes there just is not enough time to prepare healthy meals. That fact offers a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to open their own business in the field of Read More

Investment in real estate in Slovenia – business migration

Investment in real estate in Slovenia Would you like to carry out an investment in real estate in Slovenia in the amount of 50.000 EUR in order to obtain the single work and residence permit in Slovenia? If you are interested in business immigration to Slovenia or you would like to purchase property in Slovenia, one of the best ways to do so is to register a company and buy real-estate. Read More