How to register a construction company

How to register a construction company in Slovenia?

How to register a construction company in Slovenia? How to register a construction company in Slovenia? A construction company in Slovenia gives excellent chances for new projects in the EU and work in Europe. The following question is why? And the answer is very simple. Because it allows them to expand their business in Europe. You can open a new [...]

minimum capital

Minimum capital for Ltd registration – what is the amount?

Minimum capital for Ltd registration – what is the amount? One of the most frequent questions entrepreneurs ask before company registration is about minimum capital. What is the amount you need for company registration? Does this interest you? Then you are on the right place! This article will basically explain the basic requirements for Ltd registration. If you have any [...]

start a company Slovenia

How long does it take to start a company Slovenia?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how long does it take to start a company in Slovenia? In other words, how long does it take to open a new business in Slovenia? The time frame depends on the type of company. As well as the cooperation and responsiveness of clients, of course. Want to learn [...]

investment opportunity in slovenia

Investment opportunity in Slovenia/EU

Investment opportunity in Slovenia Investment opportunity in Slovenia is a great lead to further success and also to start a business. Do you want to invest in real estate in Europe? Foreign entrepreneurs also often choose Slovenia to open a company and invest in real estate. This includes other fixed assets of the company through the opening of a company. [...]

EU market

EU market – possibilities with a Slovenian company

EU market is one of the most versatile and profitable markets in the world. Entrepreneurs want to expand their business in Europe as it gives the possibility to provide their services and products in a variety of countries that are all located in the same customs space. Opening a company in Slovenia gives you the opportunity to participate in [...]


Advantages of opening LTD company in Slovenia

 Advantages of opening and growing LTD company Advantages of opening ltd company are many. However, in this article we will focus on explaining most important ones. So, what it takes to expand a business? How much time and expenses? Once a small idea becomes a big business plan, how do you begin a business? How to develop is the first [...]


Documents required for opening a company in Slovenia

Documents required when opening a company Are you thinking about business migration? Which documents required for opening a company in Slovenia? Do you know what you need? Do you need help with company registration in Slovenia? Our company is specialized in providing services. We help foreign citizens who want to start or expand a business in Slovenia. Does this interests you? [...]


Quickest company registration – where, how, and how quick?

Quickest company registration in Slovenia is possible with DATA experts. You can register a limited liability company here too. How long does it take? An LLC is registered in approximately a week. That is after you send a full application to the register court. What can you expect from the registration process? Call us on Viber or WhatsApp +386 40 [...]


Branch office in Slovenia – a ticket to EU market

Opening a branch office in Slovenia can be the right way to start your business in EU. Do you already own a company? Thinking of start working in EU? Great, because a branch office in Slovenia will give you opportunity to work all over the EU. On the other hand, if you don’t own a company yet, you can [...]


Immigrate to Slovenia – want to live in Europe? Open company!

Are you looking to live in Europe? Would you like to get a residence permit and immigrate to Slovenia? Which is the most common way for foreigners to obtain residence permit? By company registration in Slovenia! Do you need more information about starting your business in Slovenia? Then contact our experts! You can call us on +386 40 530 [...]