Name reservation for your firm – what is it, why is this useful?

name reservation

Company name reservation means the verification of the name of the company by the shareholder of the company. This happens during the preparation for the registration of the limited company before one uses it during the registration. If the Court of Registration approves your planned company name, then you can avoid potential issues in the registration. Do you want to open a company in Slovenia, but you don’t know anything about it? Don’t worry! Just contact us and schedule a meeting with our advisors!

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The reservation usually takes place before the registration procedure

The name of the company is very important. Therefore, you need to carefully select it. Why? Most importantly, because the name represents the company’s main activity on the market. And you want that to be visible. It also needs to be easy for customers to remember it. Accordingly, you have to follow the Companies Act (ZGD-1), which lays down the rules on company name. By and large, if you wish to choose a unique name for your company, we recommend the company name reservation procedure.

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Company name reservation and registration procedure

The registration procedure can be a very smooth process with our help. To do that, you need to send the following information to one of our clerks:

  • Name and surname of the shareholder and his/her VAT number if there will be more than one shareholder in the future company, it is sufficient to provide the details of one shareholder;
  • The name of the company,
  • The business address where of the future company.

The clerk will carry out the procedure for the company name reservation. Within a few days, you will receive a decision from the Court. If the name is not appropriate, the court declines the registration, and you may need to repeat it again. Eventually, the company needs to enter the AJPES register of companies. Does this help you? Do you know what are the other conditions to register a company at a DATA point? We write about that often! Check our last article about it! We expect your call!

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Why is company name reservation useful procedure?

Why is the company name reservation useful procedure? Essentially, the company name reservation s available to the shareholder for one year in the AJPES register.  Therefore, no one else can use the same company name to register the Ltd. Moreover, you can use the name at any time of the year. Above all, the Court cannot return an application for amendment on the ground that the name of the company is inappropriate, because the name of the company is already the intended company.

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