Start web design company in Slovenia, in EU

Conditions for web design company in Slovenia

Start web design company in Slovenia and expand your business to EU! Non-EU citizens very often decide to start web design company in Slovenia, because it’s one of the most wanted jobs in Slovenia and in the world.  The demand for web design and web pages is growing every day. That is why the company in Slovenia could be an excellent springboard for the development of business and successful work.

Start web design company in Slovenia – what are the conditions?

There are no special conditions for web design and creating web sites. In accordance with the Slovenian classification of the business the code for the web design is 74.100 – design, arrangements and decorations. Code 62.100 is used to for web site creation and programming. Citizens of non-EU countries who do not have 1 year of residence in Slovenia can open a Private Limited Company (LTD) in Slovenia. Foreigners who already have 1 year of residence in Slovenia can also open a craft and become a Sole proprietor (s.p.)

Start web design company in Slovenia and register LTD

For opening a web design company  you need initial capital in the amount of 7,500 euros. You can use this capital later for the business purpose. To start a web design company in Slovenia you will need a slovenian tax number and a certificate of no criminal record from Slovenia. We can obtain these documents in your name by the power of attorney.

Start web design company and register company in Slovenia in our offices free of charge. You will need: company name, address, names and presence of founders and the activities of your business. After that you have to go to the bank, open a company’s temporary bank account and deposite an initial capital. In a couple of days you will receive courts decision, that your company is registered. Finaly, you can change you account to a permanent one and start doing your business. We will organize and guide you through the whole process. Furthermore, we can offer you virtual office if you don’t have a business address and also offer you legal consulting. Our legal department will introduce you with slovenian legislation. We also offer accounting services and tax consulting.

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