Measures in Slovenia/EU are extended until 17th March 2021!

Measures in SloveniaEU are extended until 17th March 2021!

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia (RS) decided at a meeting on 13th January 2021 that they would extend the epidemic until mid-March 2021. The Ordinance on declaring the epidemic of COVID-19 in the territory of RS entered into force on January 17th. The epidemic will last for another 60 days. Are the measures also changing?

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Measures include the subsidies for shorter work hours, a partial coverage of fixed costs, waiting for work at home, which the the RS government has extended until the end of April. On December 29, 2020, they passed the 7th Intervention Law (PKP7), in which the employers have to pay workers a crisis bonus on their salary for December. Employers who have already done so will soon be able to claim a refund. You can turn to our experts for support in this matter. DATA d.o.o. can support you with your business in Europe In addition to the company registration services, we also provide accounting services. Our legal department can also support you with every aspect of the law. Also, you can follow us on Facebook.

The epidemic was extended by 60 days!

The Slovenian government took new measures to improve the spread of the disease in the start of the new year. But it did not improve the statistic. Like all other countries around the world, the Slovenian government is responding to it with a series of new measures.

They decided to extend the adopted Ordinance starting from January 17, 2021. The epidemic will last until March 17, 2021.

In addition to the extended epidemic, what are the other measures?

The fact that they extended the epidemic by 60 days does not mean that they added any new measures. The epidemic, or proclaiming it, provides only a legal basis for any further action.

  • The government has issued the Ordinance on prohibiting operations. They have the same exceptions as before, and in addition, they added the dry cleaners as an exception. Dry cleaners can now carry on with their operations.
  • The government also updated the measures in the Ordinance on Crossing the Border. It includes a new exception for the entry into Slovenia from the country on the red list. And they would not have to go into quarantine or show a negative test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. These are owners or tenants of land in the border area or on both sides of the border. But only if they are crossing the border with a neighboring country to do some agricultural works on their land. They have to return across the border as soon as they finish with their work.
  • A negative PCR test and a rapid test are conditions for entry into the country. Now, the validity of the rapid antigen test is shorter. Now, it must not exceed 24 hours from smear removal.
  • A person who was prescribed quarantine by the border patrol upon entering Slovenia can immediately be tested for the virus during the quarantine period. If the test results are negative, the quarantine can finish.

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