Paths of business immigration to Slovenia, Europe

Paths of business immigration to Slovenia, Europe

Entrepreneurs often decide to want to oversee their business first-hand, even when doing business in another country. Establishing a company in Slovenia gives you a unique way to relocate to Slovenia by choosing one of the paths of business immigration described below.

Paths of business immigration to Slovenia, Europe – only establishing a company is not sufficient

Foreigners often think that by being an owner of a company in Slovenia, they would have additional privileges for business immigration. While having a company is an advantage, the company needs to prove active business conduct in order to be able to employ non-EU citizens in the company. We will explain the three different paths a company can take.

Paths of business immigration to Slovenia, Europe – investing 50.000€ to fixed assets of the company.

The first of the paths the company can take to be eligible for business immigration is investment. This option is available for newly established company, as you would have to make the investment within 6 months from company establishment.

Only depositing 50.000€ to the corporate bank account would not be sufficient to fulfill this condition. Your company has to purchase something it needs for business conduct in that amount. What you would purchase, depends on your company’s business activities. The purchase needs to be connected to what you plan on doing in Slovenia. So, there is no general purchase that you can make, but the most common decisions are purchasing real estate, company cars, equipment for business space etc. Once you make the purchase, you can apply for your work and residence permit.

Paths of business immigration to Slovenia, Europe – employing one person for 6 months

The second possibility which gives you the right to employ foreigners in your company is that you employ one person for a period of 6 months. The person you are hiring has to be an EU citizen, as they do not need work permits to work in a Slovenian company or you hire someone who has permanent residence in Slovenia. You have to employ him for full-time and pay him salary each month for 6 months. After he is employed 6 months, you can apply for your work and residence permit.

Paths of business immigration to Slovenia – turnover 10.000€/month for 6 months

The third of the paths of business immigration is having turnover at least 10.000€ each month for 6 consecutive months. This means that your company is generating turnover by issuing invoices for its services or products to clients and receiving payment from those clients. The amount cannot be lower than 10.000€ each month without any interruptions. So, when evaluating this turnover, the institutions do not look at an average sum of 60.000€ turnover throughout 6 months. It is important that each month the sum of turnover is not lower than 10.000€. Once your company has turnover 10.000€ for 6 consecutive months, you can apply for your work and residence permit.

Paths of business immigration to Slovenia – employing people with higher education

There is an additional possibility, which is not covered within the normal paths of business immigration. A company that would like to employ a non-EU citizen with at least finished university education, is exempt from fulfilling any of the conditions mentioned above. But the chosen applicant has to pass Slovenian labor market control first, prior to being able to apply for work and residence permit.

Let the company Data guide you through the paths of business immigration to Slovenia!

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