Permanent residence in Slovenia

Permanent residence in Slovenia

Are you interested in a permanent residence in Slovenia? What is necessary in order to obtain a permanent residence in Slovenia? Permanent residence in Slovenia allows you to reside permanently in the country for an unlimited period and have a permanent address in Slovenia.

A permanent residence in Slovenia also allows you to travel freely throughout the Schengen area without the necessity to obtain any kind of visas.

How to obtain permanent residence in Slovenia?

In order to obtain a permanent residence in Slovenia or practically any other country starts with obtaining a temporary residence permit in Slovenia.

The most common and affordable way to obtain a temporary residence in Slovenia is business immigration to Slovenia. Business immigration includes three stages: registration of the company, fulfilling the conditions for obtaining a residence permit and then obtaining a single residence and work permit for Slovenia.

Obtaining a permanent residence permit in Slovenia is possible after five uninterrupted years of having a temporary residence permit. By their rights and obligations, permanent and temporary residences are similar – the difference is that the temporary residence permit is issued for a limited period and has to be prolonged but the permanent residence is issued for an unlimited time. In order to obtain a temporary residence permit it is necessary to have a good reason to stay in Slovenia (like studies, work or family reunification), while obtaining a permanent residence permit does not require any of these reasons.

If your initial stay in Slovenia was based on a long-term visa, this period will also count in the five-year period that you have to fulfill before applying for a permanent residence – but only if you have applied for a temporary residence permit before your visa expired. If you have obtained your temporary residence permit based on studying or professional training in Slovenia, the duration of this period is only counted by half when applying for a permanent residence permit – for example 1 year of your stay in Slovenia is counted as 6 months when applying for a permanent residence permit.

The package of documents needed to obtain a permanent residence permit is similar to those needed when obtaining a temporary residence permit – a valid passport, medical insurance, certificate of non-criminal record from your homeland, a photograph.

The company DATA can help you with obtaining your permanent residence permit. Highly qualified specialists with years of experience will gladly assist you in the process of business immigration to Slovenia, from the company’s registration and to obtaining permanent residence. We will gladly help you and your family to make this important step in your life!

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