Short list – company registration in Slovenia for foreigners

Short list - company registration in Slovenia for foreigners

Short list – what is needed to open a company in Slovenia? What do you need to prepare to avoid unpleasant surprises? In this article, we present a short list of necessary documents and steps for registering a company and starting a business in Slovenia.

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Data d.o.o. has been offering support to foreign citizens with their business in Europe In addition to company registration services, we also provide professional accounting services. Additionally, we also have a specialized legal department that supports business owners with every aspect of business Slovenian legislation, especially pertaining to sales. You can also follow us on Facebook.

Short list for starting a business – personal tax number

Starting a business is a simple step in Slovenia. The most important thing you need to have is a personal Slovenian tax number. All future shareholders and the director must have a personal Slovenian tax number. DATA experts can obtain this number for you according to your authorization.

If you plan to register a branch in Slovenia and the parent company must have a tax number in Slovenia, as well as the director of the parent company. DATA also helps you in this procedure and can get all the tax numbers for you, according to your authorization.

It takes up to eight working days to obtain a Slovenian tax number.

Short list for opening a company – reserving a company name

DATA experts will also check the availability of the name of your future Slovenian company for you. Namely, in Slovenia you cannot use a name for your company, which has already been used or which is a registered trademark. DATA experts advise you on the name of the future company. After choosing a name that you can use, we also submit the name reservation to court.

It usually takes two working days to check the availability of the name and reserve the company name.

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Business address for your company in Slovenia

In our short list we must also remind you that the registration of a company in Slovenia requires that you also have a business address. This means that the address in Slovenia will be required when registering the company, where the official address of the company will be. In addition, you need a statement from the owner of the business address to allow you to register your company at that address. The owner must certify the statement with a notary or in the administrative unit.

If you do not have a business address, DATA can offer you a business address and virtual office service. In that case, your company uses our address and we also prepare a statement from the owner of the business address.

Company registration procedure

Registration can be done in DATA, because we are an authorized VEM point, which can perform company registrations. After signing the application for registration, it is necessary to open a temporary bank account. You deposit share capital in a temporary account. For a company of type d.o.o. (LTD), the minimum is 7.500 EUR.

Branch registration does not require share capital and can use the bank account of the parent company.

When the founding capital for the registration of a d.o.o. is on the account, we submit a request for registration to the court. The decision of the court on the registration of the company is usually issued within 3-5 working days after the deposit of the founding capital. When the company is registered, all you need to do is activate the company’s bank account.

This concludes the process of opening a company in Slovenia.

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