Share capital of an LTD company in Slovenia, EU

Share capital of an LTD company in Slovenia, EU

Foreigners who plan to start their business in Europe, can choose to open a company in Slovenia. It is an economically stable country, which is a part of the European Union as well as the Schengen zone. If you will decide for Slovenia as your business destination, you can open an LTD company. It is a private company limited by shares. In order to register it, shareholders will have to present at least 7500€ share capital. There are several ways you can present this capital and we will explain them in this article.

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Data d.o.o. has been offering support to entrepreneurs for over 28 years. Our legal experts can explain to you the legal implications of the share capital that you provide when registering a company. We also provide accountancy services so that your business in Slovenia is in good hands and done according to Slovene accountancy standards. Additionally, we provide services of virtual office and tax consultation. We also perform company registrations on-site because we are a governmentally licensed VEM point.

What is share capital of an LTD company?

When registering an LTD company, shareholders will have to provide share capital to officially register the company. The shareholders can agree between themselves what percentage of share capital each of them will provide. You can use these funds for business purposes, like paying salaries,  and they also present a security towards the creditors. You can provide it in cash or through bank transfer. It is also possible to provide it in form of material assets.

How can you register the LTD company if you provide the capital in cash or through bank transfer?

The easiest way to provide share capital of the company is if you deposit the amount in cash. When you come to Slovenia to register the company, you would also need to open a temporary bank accountant which is used only for depositing the founding capital. If you deposit it in cash, the bank will immediately issue the confirmation of deposit. This will enable the court to register your company within one week from depositing the capital.

If you will deposit it through bank transfer from your personal bank account, you would also need to open a temporary bank account. When the bank informs you about the account number, you can make a bank transfer of the funds from your personal bank account. International bank transfers sometimes take a few days to arrive to the Slovenian bank account. Only when they arrive, the bank can issue the confirmation of deposit. Then the procedure is the same – waiting on the court’s decree for company registration.

In both cases, you would have to activate a permanent bank account once you receive the court’s decree. When registering an LTD company by depositing share capital in cash or through bank transfer, you can do the process at any licensed VEM point in Slovenia. Company registration at VEM points is free of charge.

What about material assets?

You can also opt to prove share capital by inserting material assets in the company. The item has to relate to your company’s business activity and will be used to conduct business in the future. It can range from real estate, cars, equipment etc. – depending on the business activity.

In order to assess the value of the item, you would need to enlist a court-appointed asset valuer. That person assesses the value of the material asset which you can then use to prove the amount of founding capital. When registering the LTD company by proving share capital with a material asset, the company registration cannot be concluded in a licensed VEM point. You would have to visit a notary and also provide a court translator and two Slovenian witnesses. Company registration at the notary is not free of charge and you would have to pay for the court translator as well.

Can you increase the share capital?

If you decide to increase your company’s share capital after company registration, it is also possible. Increasing founding capital can improve your status with the creditors. Additionally, some business activities, like transportation of goods, sometimes require higher founding capital than the minimal 7500€. You will have to do the process at the notary and it requires the presence of all shareholders, as well as court translator and 2 Slovenian witnesses.

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