In which cases can you register a company at a VEM point?

In which cases can you register a company at a VEM point?

A VEM point is a special office, where the consultants are licensed by the Slovenian government to perform company registrations. They are allowed to register certain company types by using the electronic portal e-VEM. The process of company registration at VEM points is free of charge but requires the shareholder and representatives to be present at the office when performing the registration. There are several VEM points distributed all over Slovenia and their biggest benefit that the procedure is not payable, as opposed to company registration at the notary.

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Types of companies that you can register at a VEM point

When deciding to do business in Slovenia, you have to also decide on the company type you plan on opening. Mostly, you can make the company registration at the VEM point but certain company types still require that you perform the company registration at the notary or administrative unit.

The most common company type that you can register at a VEM point is a LTD company. The consultant prepares the act of establishment and all shareholders and representatives have to be present at the VEM point for the process of company registration. You have to bring with you the Slovenian tax numbers for everyone, have a business address in Slovenia and 7500€ founding capital. Any non-EU citizen can establish such a company type, without prior residence in Slovenia.

You can also register a subsidiary at a VEM point. A subsidiary is also a LTD company where the shareholder is a foreign legal entity. The process is similar to the one described in the previous point, with the addition that you also need a Slovenian tax number for the parent company. The representative of the parent company also needs to come to Slovenia for the registration.

The other company type you cna establish at a VEM point is sole proprietorship (s.p.). In comparison to LTD company, this type is connected to the individual holder and requires no founding capital. But the holder is liable for business conduct with all personal assets. But not all non-EU citizens can open sole proprietorship. It is only possible for those, who have been living at least 1 year in Slovenia.

Types of companies that you cannot register at a VEM point

But there are certain company types that still require you to make the company registration at the notary’s office, not a VEM point.

One of them is a branch office. It is not a separate legal entity but part of the parent company. It is such a specific company type that requires the preparation of the establishment act in notary form.

Also, there are some restrictions when registering a LTD company and those require company registration at the notary’s office. In case when husband and wife want to be shareholders in the same company, you would have to do the registration with the notary.

In case of registering the subsidiary where there are multiple representatives of the parent company that all require to sign agreements together, you can only do it at the notary’s office.

If you plan on establishing other company types like public limited company, association or other non-profit organizations, you also cannot do the company registrations at VEM points.

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