Pension amount in Slovenia/EU: how can you calculate it?

Pension amount in SloveniaEU how can you calculate it

Pension amount in Slovenia – now, you can calcualte it online!

The pension amount in Slovenia is very important for everyone, especially for those who have a business in Slovenia. Do you know what amount you can get in Slovenia? Now you no longer have to call or go in person to the insurance office to find out. You can now calculate it yourself through the website.

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You can calcualte the pension amount without registration on the web site

On the website of the pension institution, you can carry out a simulation by manual entry of data. This way you find out when you will qualify for old-age or early retirement. At the same time, it calculates the pension amount in Slovenia you can expect. You can find the calculator here.

The amount of pension in Slovenia and calculation with the online app SI-PASS

However, in the pension calculator, you can use the SI-PASS network app or a digital certificate. You can use it to get an automatic informative calculation when you meet the conditions for old-age or early retirement. This calculation also tells us what the expected amount of pension will be based on personal data in the insured register.

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What does the online pension calculator offer?

Using the electronic services of the pension institution you can: check the accuracy of data on different insurance periods. Also, you can check whether all your contributions are paid on time and in full. You can also get the data on retirement conditions and calculate what pension amount in Slovenia you can receive.

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Pension: you can only do the calcualtion for yourself

You can only calculate the pension amount in Slovenia in person on your own behalf. It is not possible to calculate a pension for other persons, even on the basis of a power of attorney. You can also enter other data that reduce the age limit for acquiring the right to an old-age pension, such as: child care,  military service, etc. Finally, you also need to enter an average gross salary. We also publish more data about changes in the law and news on our Facebook  and Instagram!

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