Salary in Slovenia/EU: increase of gross salary

Salary in Slovenia EU increase of gross salary

Salary in Slovenia – the gross salaries have increased to a new level on average

When starting a business in Europe, it is important to also know what kind of expense you would have with the wages. If you choose Slovenia for your business, it is good to also take into account the expense you would have with the salary in Slovenia for your employees. On average, the gross salaries have surpassed the limit of 2000 EUR per month. This is the data from March of the year 2021. Which sectors have the highest average gross salaries? Did the increase happen because of the higher minimum wage?

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The average gross salary in Slovenia in March of 2021 is around 3% higher than the salary in February

On average, the average gross salary increased to 2,009.50 EUR in March. This was 3.3% nominally or 3.0% real increase compared to the February average.
Wage increases have been going on in both the public and private sectors. In the private sector, wage increases were up to 2.8%, while this increase in the public sector was about one percent higher.

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Where are the highest gross salaries?

Financial and insurance activities stand out in terms of the amount of the average gross salary in Slovenia. In these sectors, it increased by as much as 32.0 percent in March, mainly due to higher extraordinary payments. In this sector, the average gross salary is the highest and amounts to 3,344.52 EUR.

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The average gross wages vary by statistical region

In March, the range of average gross salary in Slovenia between regions was quite large. In the Central Slovenian statistical region, it amounted to  2,249.67 EUR and increased by 2.1% in March. Also in the region of Pomurje, it increased the most – by 6.7%. The lowest is in the Primorsko-Notranjska region, where it amounts to  1,740.94 EUR. We also post the updates on salary changes on our Facebook and Instagram.

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Is an additional increase of the salary in Slovenia in sight?

The Personal Income Tax Act (ZDoh-2) is also being amended from 1 January 2022. This legal change will affect the tax base of natural persons – Slovenian tax residents. As part of the ZDoh-2 changes, the tax relief for Slovenian tax residents will slowly increase from 3,500 EUR to 4,500 EUR in 2022 and to 7,500 EUR from 2025 onwards. This increase in tax relief means higher net wages with unchanged gross salary in Slovenia. Our legal experts can help you to track the changes in the tax acts.

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