Choose virtual office for your company in Slovenia!

Choose virtual office for your company in Slovenia!

Why to choose virtual office?

Do you want to open company in Slovenia? Then you can choose virtual office for your company! Why would you need it? To be able to register the company in Slovenia it must have an address. And address must be in Slovenia. So you can choose virtual office for your company at DATA d.o.o. But you know what! Virtual office and Slovenian business address is only one of many services we can offer you!

You don’t have your business place in Slovenia? Or you aren’t present here all time? Then perfect solution for you is virtual office. After you establish a company and start business in Slovenia you will recieve business mail here at our address. These are virtual office services we offer you! Which are other advantages of virtual office? Want to know more about company registration in Slovenia? Call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp). Or you can write us to We will answer you as soon as possible!

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Advantages of virtual office (business address)

So, what are advantages? Why to choose virtual office for you company in Slovenia? Which are advanatges? Let’s see few of them.

  • You can be abroad. And still fully informed about business mail.
  • Administrative support. So no need to hire another person or do it by yourself.
  • You save on rent for actual office space.
  • Reducing costs (for example cleaning, equipment, electricity or heating bills …).

Call us on +386 40 530 718  (Viber/WhatsApp)!

Choose virtual office for your company at DATA d.o.o.

Data d.o.o. offers you Slovenian business address for your company in Slovenia. And it is in capital of Slovenia. Ljubljana is also the biggest city in our country. We are at prestigious location on Dunajska cesta 136. We offer you virtual office. And this includes notices about your business mail. But this is not all. Yes, you read it right. We will also forward your mail to your e-mail address or selected address. And there are also other advantages of having business address at DATA d.o.o. For example. In case inspection our legal consulatants can offer you thier help. We also have big free of charge parking. You can use it for you or business partners. So, don’t wait! Contact us now! Do you want to know everything about company registration in Slovenia? You are on right place! Wondering why? Then read next paragraph!

And dont forget to check out our free salary calculator!

Register company with help of DATA d.o.o.

With help of DATA d.o.o. you will easily register your company. Not only we can offer you virtual office. We will be happy to answer your questions about company registration in Slovenia. Our advisors will offer you full support! Starting business in Slovenia will be easy with our help. But you know what! After company registration, you will not be alone! Our accountants can offer you bookkeping and tax services! And everything is in accordance with Slovenian accounting standards. Did you know that DATA d.o.o. has more than 32 years of experience? So we can help you as well! We offer also business consulting regarding taxes, labor legislation, personeel and entreprenurship.

For more information you can call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp). You can also contact us at! And dont forget to like and follow us on Facebook! Follow us on Linkedin as well! And after all you can also sign up for free webinars on business in Slovenia. If you want expand your business in Slovenia, DATA d.o.o. is partner for you!

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