Company in Slovenia – what possibilities does it offer?

Company in Slovenia – what possibilities does it offer?

Slovenia is becoming a popular option for foreigners who start their business in Europe. But sometimes entrepreneurs are still not clear what having a company in Slovenia actually offers. We will be summarizing the biggest benefits you will have if you decide to start your business in Slovenia through company registration.

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Opening a company in Slovenia – what does it offer you in regards to doing business?

Opening a company in Slovenia would assure that you have an active company within both the European Union and the Schengen zone. Slovenia is also a very prosperous country which offers stable economic growth and various possibilities for investment.

Also, the procedure to register a company is faster and simpler than in many European countries. It is also one of the countries which offers the possibility to register a company even if you are a foreigner without previous residence in Slovenia. The share capital is only 7500€ for the LTD company and you can use it later for business purposes.

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What about doing business with other European countries?

Having a company in Slovenia also offers the possibility to expand your business and client list to other EU countries. Due to no borders within the Schengen zone, exporting and importing products within this zone is seamless.

Does your company in Slovenia offer the option for business immigration?

Yes, opening a company in Slovenia would also enable you to become eligible for business immigration under certain conditions. If you invest at least 50.000€ into fixed assets, or employ and EU citizen for 6 months or show company revenue 10.000€ per month for 6 months, your company fulfills the conditions which allows you to employ non-EU citizens within the company. This will offer you the possibility to oversee your business on-site in Slovenia.

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