Valuable information before starting a company in Slovenia

Valuable information before starting a company in Slovenia

Every entrepreneur who has already started a business knows that being well prepared for the company registration is a key ingredient to success. It is also important that you put your trust into competent experts when seeking support for starting up your business in Europe. At DATA we share with you valuable information to better prepare yourself for starting a business in Slovenia.

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Valuable information before starting a company in Slovenia – shareholders and representatives

When starting a business, the most important choice which you will make is choosing your partners within the company. Opening an LTD company can enable you to have multiple shareholders in the company. It will be a person who will invest into company registration along with you. Choosing a trustworthy partner is key in order to avoid any possible disputes over the company’s income in the future.

It is equally valuable to choose a representative of the company wisely. This will be the person who will have the authority to sign all official documents, have access to the bank account but will also hold all liability for the company’s business conduct.

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Valuable information before starting a company in Slovenia – share capital and business activities

When opening an LTD company, you would have to deposit at least 7500€ share capital. You can also choose to deposit a higher amount of share capital. In some cases, even the business activity itself requires a higher share capital, like it is the case with transportation of goods. But mostly, the decision is up to you as the amount of share capital means that your company is liable for business conduct in that amount. Having a higher share capital usually ensues more trust with your future clients, for example.

Choosing a good business activity is also valuable if you already do it initially. But here, there is much room for future changes. In Slovenia, you can register several business activities in one company and even add or remove them later. But having a good idea and business plan will help you to generate income sooner rather than later.

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Valuable information before starting a company in Slovenia – name and business address

Another important point which you need to choose wisely is the choice for business name. It will be the main element with which the clients will associate your company. So, we recommend a name that stands out but also reflects the services or products your company is selling. Of course, it is also valuable to know that you can change the company name later at our VEM point.

In the process of registration, you would also have to present a business address. It is valuable to know that you can register it at a residential or commercial building. Also, you can use services of virtual office for business address registration. Should you want to change the business address later it is also possible to do at our VEM point. In all cases, you would need a statement of consent from the owner of the business address.

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