What you have to be careful about when employing foreigners in Slovenia, EU?

What you have to be careful about when employing foreigners in Slovenia, EU?

In this article we will describe the facts that you have to be careful about as an employer when employing foreign citizen in your company.

Employing foreigner as representative of the company in Slovenia

If you want to empoly someone or ever yourself as representative of the company and you are not an EU citizen, you have to know the rules to obtain work and residence permit in Slovenia.

Firstly, you have to prepare required documents and apply for permit at Slovenian Embassy in your home country. The documentation has to be in slovenian language. This is why we recommend you to have someone who can help you with the procedure, if you do not understand Slovenian language and if you are not familiar with Slovenian legislation.

Our company Data is offering support to foreign citizens, who want to move to Slovenia and work here. If you found an employer in Slovenia or your would like to open your own company, contact us! We can run the procedure of obtaining permit for you, as well as, you can register your company in our offices for free!

If you will be employed as the representative of the company, labor market control is not needed.

Employing foreigner to another job possition

Secondly, you have to know, that the procedure is different, when employing foreigner not as representative of the company. The procedure is longer, as before applying you also have to pass labor market control in Slovenia.

Based on your diploma, cerfiticates, knowleadge of languages etc., we can publish a vacancy for you and check the labor market. In case of positive answer from Employment service, you can apply for permit.

Employing foreigner – procedures after obtaining permit

You also have to be aware of the procedures after obtaining your work and residence permit.

The most important two things are that you register your address in Slovenia and enroll into social security funds. If you do not do it, you can loose your permit, as well as, you are not officially employed.

After that you also have to go to medical checkup in Slovenia and pass safety at work seminary. We at Data can organize it for you in english.

Employing foreigner – legal support

If you are not familiar with Slovenian legislation, we recommend you to have an expert who will answer all your questions. When employing, legal advisor Will also prepare you employment contract that has to be in accordance with Slovenian legislation.

Read more about our legal team at Data: Legal consulting.

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