Credit rating of Slovenia according to Standard & Poor’s: stable prospects!

Credit rating of Slovenia according to Standard & Poor's stable prospects!

Good news for business in Slovenia! Slovenia’s credit rating by Standard & Poor’s (S&P) is rated “AA-“. Such a credit rating indicates a stable outlook for the future. This is a good result for the country after surpassing the COVID-19 crisis.

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What is Standard & Poor’s?

Standard & Poor’s is a U.S. credit rating agency that publishes financial research and analysis of stocks, bonds and commodities. Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, Fitch and DBRS are the only four credit rating agencies also recognized by the European Central Bank.

The national credit rating shows the level of risk of the investment environment in the country. Also, investors use it when looking for investments in certain jurisdictions. The credit rating also takes into account political risk.

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Slovenia’s credit rating according to Standard & Poor’s is stable despite the global coronavirus pandemic!

This year, the projections for the Slovenian, European and other world economies have deteriorated, but Slovenia has earned an AA- rating due to ten years of economic growth, private sector deleveraging and a reduction in the share of public debt in gross domestic product. The credit rating given by the agency shares the opinion of the Standard & Poor’s agency on Slovenia’s ability to successfully fight the negative consequences of the pandemic. The agency is also of the opinion that Slovenia will not suffer long-term negative effects on its credit rating.

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What factors are positive?

Economic growth in recent years, the reduction of NET external debt in 2019 and balanced macroeconomic growth are among the positive indicators of further economic development. The productive capacity of the Slovenian economy is also maintained by the ECB’s monetary policy, which is a lever for the S&P Agency’s prediction that the Slovenian economy will recover towards the end of this year.

The Agency’s credit rating of S&P also includes the forecast that public debt will start falling again in 2021. The Agency also recognizes a stable and efficient institutional framework of the Republic of Slovenia.

The Agency estimates that fiscal policy in the country will mitigate the impact on the labor market and companies. They also estimate that the measures will reach the value of 5% of GDP in 2020. The price competitiveness of the economy will most likely remain.

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