Conducting business in Europe with a company in Slovenia

Conducting business in Europe with a company in Slovenia

When expanding their business abroad, most foreign entrepreneurs also decide to start their business in Europe. As Europe is a vibrant economic market that is comprised with many different nationalities, various services or products are needed here. You can start conducing your business in the EU by opening a company in Slovenia. Slovenia is both part of the EU and the Schengen zone. This makes conducting business with other European countries that much easier.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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The company Data d.o.o. would be happy to assist you on this journey. Our 40 experts have over 28 years of experience in helping foreign entrepreneurs in conducting their business in Slovenia. We provide legal consultation, tax consultation and also provide accounting service and services of virtual office.

1st step – company registration in Slovenia, EU

In order to start your business in Slovenia, you would have to open a company first. If you are new to entrepreneurship, you can start an LTD company with 7.500€ share capital. But if you already have experience in conducting business abroad with a company, you can decide to open a branch office or a subsidiary. This will enable you to expand your existing business to a new market.

Conducting business in Europe – obtaining VAT number for your company

If you plan on conducting business in Europe with your Slovenian company, you would have to apply for the VAT number for your company. You do not receive it automatically when registering the company. You can enter the VAT system voluntarily by submitting an application to the tax office. When applying, you would need to submit prove your company would actively do business. For that the tax office requires proof in form of documents like advance payments, contracts, employing staff etc. The more documents you can obtain, the faster you would obtain the VAT number for your company. Usually it takes 60 days to obtain, if you submit the full application.

Conducting business in Europe -employing staff and posting workers outside of Slovenia

For conducting most business activities, you would require employing staff to provide your services. If you plan on employing EU citizens, you can do so immediately after registering the company in Slovenia. But if you plan to employ non-EU citizens or apply for business immigration yourself, your company would have to fulfill certain conditions before you will have the right to employ foreigners.

Once you have staff employed, you can post them in other EU countries on short-term projects. This is possible for all EU countries if you will have a contract with a company in that particular EU country. Our legal department at Data d.o.o. can make sure that all the processes regarding posting workers abroad are done according to Slovenian legislation.

Posting the workers abroad for the first time is possible for 2 years and then the legal department can make sure that all the following postings are successful as well. Before posting the first workers, your company needs to be at least 2 months old. Additionally, the employees that you would deploy to work in other EU countries, have to be employed in Slovenia at least 30 days before the first deployment. Your company has to pay all salaries and social contributions for them regularly. Everything else, our legal department can handle, as they have many years of experience of assistance.

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