Immigration to Slovenia

Most often, you have to be present to fully incorporate business in foreign country and to take full advantage of your new venture in Slovenia, European Union (EU).

Business people who opt for business immigration to Slovenia, EU, can do so under various immigration options. They can perform immigration to Slovenia based on business alone or with their family.

Our team of professionals for business migration in DATA Company will help you with preparation and execution of all the procedures. They know all the rules and regulations for business relocation and expansion in Slovenia, EU. Therefore, they can assure you immigration based on business with no hidden costs and with optimized time frames.

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How can you perform immigration to Slovenia, EU, based on business?

1. Business migration with investment.

In the first option, you will get the temporary residence and work permit as soon as possible. But, first you will need to invest in your new company 50.000 EUR for the purchase of fixed assets. If you want to obtain a residence permit and work as quickly as possible,  you will need to complete the investment promptly. To perform immigration to Slovenia within three months, you should complete investment in the first week after company registration.

This is the most expensive, but the fastest way to start business in Slovenia and develop business in the European Union. It is ideal for anyone who wants to invest in real estate (business or residential) in Slovenia, or if you decide to buy other business facilities.

2. Business migration with the company’s turnover.

In the second option, you must have at least 10.000 EUR turnover per month in your company in Slovenia for six consecutive months. After that you could obtain a temporary work and residence permit. The acquisition of a single work and residence permit in this case lasts between eight and nine months. This scheme is best for you if you already have a business in your home country. In this case you probably want to start business in Slovenia and European Union as soon as possible. But, on the other hand, you are more flexible and do not need a single work and residence permit right away.

The director of the company may obtain a license for representatives in the mean time. In this case the representative could perform the tasks of the representative in Slovenia for up to 90 days a year.

3. Business migration with a company in which you have employed Slovenian or European citizen.

This business migration option is similar to second option. In this case you will also have to wait at least six months, before you can apply for your single work and residence permit. To meet the requirements to employ the foreign citizen, you should first meet the criteria as an employer.  Your Slovenian company should employ a Slovenian or European Union citizen first for a period of at least six months full-time. During this time you have to pay all salaries to employee and you are obliged to have all tax obligations settled.

After that you can apply for a single work and residence permit for yourself. After submitting the application, you can expect to obtain a single work and residence permit within two to three months.

There are no requirements about minimum turnover or investment when choosing this option. This scheme should be taken into consideration if you opened a company in Slovenia in the past and it has been operating for more than six months.

4. Business migration based on higher education.

If you have a higher education, you have two options.

  • Employement with labour market control

You can open a company in which you are a shareholder, but the appointed representative is someone else. To be able to apply for single work and residence permit, your company must previously publish a vacancy. You should post it at the Employment Office of Slovenia. They will check if there are suitable candidates for this position in their registry. They will do so in accordance with requirements you send to them. The procedure is called labour market control. If the Employment office decides that there are no suitable Slovenian candidates, you can apply for work and residence permit. When you obtain it, you will be employed in your company on a specific job position. In this case, the company does not need to prove active business conduct such as minimum turnover, investment or employing Slovenian or EU citizen.

  • European Union Blue Card

You can also obtain a European Union Blue Card. In this case, you should be employed as an expert with work experience. Your diploma must be verified by our Ministry of Education. Furthermore, your monthly salary should be at least 1.5 times the average Slovenian salary with all the contributions. You cannot be a director in your company and you should pass labor market control. After obtaining a response from the Employment office that there are no other suitable candidates for the job position, you can apply for an EU Blue Card. In this case, you can obtain a European Blue Card with a validity of two years. With the EU Blue Card, you acquire the right to immediate family reunification. When obtaining any other type of single residence and work permit, family reunification is only possible after one year of legal residence in Slovenia.

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The professionals at DATA Company have more than 28 years of knowledge about business migration and immigration of entrepreneurs. We have met and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to relocate to Slovenia. Therefore, we know how intimidating could be the immigration process. But we will help you with all the procedures, with legal and tax consultation. We would offer you full support before, during and after the process of business immigration to Slovenia.

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