Data d.o.o. has been offering support to entrepreneurs with business in Europe  for 30 years. Webinars at DATA have become a staple in giving out information to clients around the world regarding business in Slovenia. Take advantage and learn about Slovenia in our free of charge webinars from the comfort of your own home.

Free webinars on business in Slovenia:

Webinar Company RegistrationThe consultants of DATA d.o.o. will be presenting various paths of company registration and business immigration to Slovenia. It will include explaining company types that you can register in Slovenia, as well as the various options through which your company can employ foreigners. Both the consultant and the tax advisor will address additional questions of participants after the registration.The presentation will last around 20 minutes and will accommodate 10-15 minutes for questions of the participants. Participation in the webinar is free-of-charge.

This webinar is meant for EU citizens who want to live and work in Slovenia. EU citizens have more options when applying for residence permit in Slovenia. In this webinar, we will explain them and also explain the options they have for setting up a business in Slovenia. The presentation lasts approximately 20 minutes. After the presentation of the consultant, participants will be able to ask their questions as well. This webinar is in English language and is free of charge.

Setting up a company in Europe

We will be presenting the option of company registration and business immigration to Slovenia through buying real estate here. It will include the general explanations of company types as well as paths for business immigration. The focus will be on buying the property through the company and the eligibility for applying for work and residence permit. The presentation will last around 20 minutes and will accommodate 10-15 minutes for questions of the participants. Participating in this webinar is free-of-charge.

Webinar Business activities in SloveniaAre you considering registering a company in Slovenia but are struggling to choose between the registered business activities? We are presenting you with the most frequently registered business activities, registered by foreign entrepreneurs working in Slovenia. You will find out which of the business activities are the most popular and the most profitable. The presentation is around 20 minutes long, with an additional 15 minutes allocated for guest questions. Participation is free-of-charge.

The participants who want to apply can do so by filling out the webinar application. They can also apply by sending us an email to data@data.si. After submitting the application, the applicants will receive detailed instructions and information to their email address. The webinars will be conducted on the application Zoom in English language.