A company without employees – how to register it?

A company without

Some of you ask how to register a company without employees? Founders of companies have businesses in their own country and want to expand in other EU countries. They are employed full-time in their own companies. And they don’t want to pay contributions in two places. Are you one of them? Then you probably want to know how to register LTD (limited liability company). Do you find it interesting? Then call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp). Or send us an email at data@data.si.

Company registration in Slovenia

Register a company without employees

Founders usually open LTD (limited liability company). That requires founding capital of 7.500 EUR. Capital. Founders pay the amount on the account of the company. At this point, you can use it for many business purposes. That is payment of wages, purchase of goods, investments. That is not all. You also need a Slovenian tax number and a business address.

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Employment of the founder and director in their own company

Companies can have many founders and directors. But there can also be one founder and director. If there is one founder who is not employed in other EU country and is EU citizen, then he must register in the social insurance. What does that mean? He needs to employ himself in his own company. On the positive side, if he is EU citizen and he is full-time employee, he does not need to employ in the Slovenian company. Simply enough, one can’t be employed in two places. In truth, owners usually open branch offices or subsidiaries to expand their business on other EU markets.

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