Popular choices of activities for companies in Slovenia, EU

Popular choices of activities for companies in Slovenia, EU

There are hundreds of business activities you can register within your company if you plan on starting your business in Europe. Opening a company in Slovenia gives you the possibility to partake in the vibrant European market. But when deciding on a specific business scope, you can evaluate the popular choices amongst foreigners when it comes to choosing a specific business activity for their Slovenian company.

Data d.o.o. has been helping entrepreneurs establish their business in Slovenia for more than 28 years. The legal advisors are qualified to explain to you the conditions for engaging in a specific business activity. We also provide accounting services, tax consultation and services of virtual office.

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Firstly – what kind of company can you register in Slovenia if you are a foreigner?

In order to start any business, you need to register a company first. Non-EU citizens can register the LTD company. It requires minimal share capital 7.500€. Within it, you can register various of the popular business activities, as well as some more specific, if you have a specific business idea you want to present to the European market.

What are the popular choices for business activities within an LTD company?

As we have been helping foreigners with company registration for quite some time, we have noticed what are the popular choices for the company’s business activity. Mostly, foreigners decide to register a company that deals in real estate. It can be either long-term or short-term rent of own real estate. This can include renting property to tourists through platforms like Airbnb or Booking.
They also often decide to engage in hospitality business by opening restaurants or guesthouses.

IT services and various forms of consultation are also a popular choice due to the fact that there are sought after services as well as very cost effective.

Various types of trade are also a popular choice, especially for companies who also export products to other EU countries.

Entrepreneurs also decide to register activities relating to transportation, either of goods or passengers. Due to the rise of tourism, many have been deciding to register tourist agencies in Slovenia.

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