Minimum monthly wage in Slovenia/EU in 2021

Minimum monthly wage in SloveniaEU in 2021

The minimum monthly wage in 2021 in Slovenia for full-time work is 1024.24 EUR gross or 736 EUR net. This is for the minimum wage for full-time work performed from 1 January of the year 2021 onwards.

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The scope of the minimum monthly wage in 2021

The elements of the salary, as stated in the Employment Relationships Act, are the basic salary of the employee for a certain month and a part of the salary for work performance. The 2021 minimum monthly wage does not include the allowances set by law. Also, the minimum wage does not include the refund of the costs that you as an employer have to pay to the worker. It also does not include other benefits under the employment contract (eg annual leave refund).

How is minimum monthly wage set?

The minimum monthly wage in 2021 must exceed the amount of the minimum cost of living by 20%. An worker has the right to at least the minimum wage for full-time work in the Republic of Slovenia. In the case of part-time work, the worker has to get the correct share of the minimum wage.

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Which employers have the right to a subsidy for the minimum wage in 2021?

For every worker who has the right to the minimum monthly wage in 2021 and who works full time, the employer has the right to a refund of part of the minimum wage. It will be in the form of a subsidy in the amount of 50 EUR. This amount also belongs to a worker who works part-time. The employer may not start the process of termination of the employment contract during the period of getting the subsidy. He also cannot do it for three months after that.

But the subsidy does not belong to employers who are direct or indirect users of the budget of the Republic of Slovenia. It also does not belong to the users of municipal budgets, to foreign diplomatic missions and to the consulates. Also it does not belong to the international organizations and their missions, and to the EU institutions, bodies and agencies in the Republic of Slovenia.

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How can you obtain the subsidy for minimum monthly wage?

In order to obtain the subsidy, the employer must submit a statement to FURS. It has to confirm that the worker got the wage. He must also provide the documents from which the right to the subsidy comes from. You must submit an e-declaration to the e-taxes no later than the end of the month for the subsidy for the previous month. You cannot do it later than the end of July of the year 2021. From July to December of the year 2021, the minimum basis for calculating contributions will be equal to the minimum wage.

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But where is the guaranteed salary used?

The guaranteed salary in 2021 is valid in the amount of the minimum monthly wage. It is mainly used to calculate the amount of the sickness benefit, the injuries outside of work, or due to occupational disease, etc. The law says that the basis is the average monthly wage or the average basis for the payment of contributions in the calendar year preceding the year in which the temporary leave from the job took place.

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