Pension in Slovenia/EU: who is entitled to it and when?

Pension in SloveniaEU who is entitled to it and when

Pension is a term that means several types of payments to retirees. A retirement pension, one of them, depends on a certain age and years of pensionable service. When does someone get the right to the pension and what will be the pension amount?

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Retirement pension – terms:

  • a certain age,
  • the years of pensionable service, the insurance period or the years of pensionable service without co-purchase in a certain amount, and end of compulsory insurance.

The retirement pension has some terms under which you can receive it. You can calculate them, but the date of fulfillment of the terms is approximate. Because of that it is not applicable in the process for getting the rights from the compulsory pension and disability insurance.

The retirement pension with the additional pensionable service

What is the retirement pension with an additional pensionable service? It means that in determining the terms for the receiving of the rights, the inclusion in the occupational insurance means the years of pensionable service without co-purchase. This is for people working in unhealthy jobs, such as miners, police officers, soldiers, etc. It also mean persons who do the work that you can only do up to a certain age. These can be opera singers, ballet dancers, etc.

Even if such a period means the years of pensionable service without the co-purchase, this does not mean that it will affect the amount of the percentage for the assessment of retirement pension.

Guaranteed pension

Those who will retire in the year 2021 with the age for getting a retirement pension at the lowest age will be entitled to at least a guaranteed pension. This is at the age of 60 and with 40 years of pensionable service without co-payment.

The guaranteed pension was EUR 500 when they introduced it on 1 October 2017. But it changes in the amount and the deadlines in which adjustments are made. After adjusting the pensions by 2.5 % on January 1, 2021, the guaranteed pension is € 581.05.

Informative calculation

At the ZPIZ, you can get the data on the estimated date when you will meet the terms for the retirement and the amount of your pension. When you reach the age of 58, the ZPIZ will give you the data on the expected amount of the early or the retirement pension.

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